Stone Chips Bottles Set Chakra Energizing (Box of 7)

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- Do you want to restore balance in your life?
- Or maybe you want to heal your chakras?

Then all you need is a Stone Chips Bottles Chakra Energizing Set!

The seven chakras in your body are energy centers that transform the life force of the Universe for a specific need. When one or more chakras are out of balance, you will notice certain aspects of your life spinning out of control. To restore balance in every aspect of your life, all you need is to restore balance to your chakras.

This set of Chakra Energizing Stone Chips Bottles contains crystal chips that connect best with a specific chakra.

- 1st Chakra - Root Chakra - Garnet - Center of grounding and survival instincts.
- 2nd Chakra - Sacral Chakra - Carnelian - Center of feminine energy and creative energy.
- 3rd Chakra - Solar Plexus - Citrine - Center of sexuality and personal power.
- 4th Chakra - Heart Chakra - Aventurine - Center of balance and infinite love.
- 5th Chakra - Throat Chakra - Blue Turquoise - Center of expression, truth and how you are perceived.
- 6th Chakra - Third Eye Chakra - Lapis Lazuli - Center of intuition, knowledge, and connection with your higher self.
- 7th Chakra - Crown Chakra - Amethyst - Center of connection with the Universe and spiritual awakening.

You can use the crystal chips to work on each chakra and even create mixes of crystals to create your own chakra balance restoring gem water through an indirect method.

Restore Balance to your life with the Chakra Energizing Stone Chips Bottles!

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