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Round Selenite Charging Disk - Crystal Charging Station for Cleansing Crystal - Small Polished

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This Selenite Crystal Charging disk is carefully crafted to fit all of your crystals on it. The Selenite charging station is the perfect tool that you need to keep your crystals energized and away from low-frequency vibes. As a naturally high-frequency crystal that radiates with light energy, Selenite is one of the few crystals that doesn’t get affected by low-frequency vibes. As such, it is perfect for dissolving any pesky negative vibes lurking around your crystal tools and energizing them with powerful light frequencies.

All you need to do is place your crystal tools on the Selenite Charging Disk, and then place the disk itself on your altar for rituals to always keep the light energy flowing through your tools, keeping them in optimal shape for performing your rituals!

Selenite Discs can be used for charging and cleansing crystals. These are polished, and the top and underside are completely smooth, they are weighty and chunky.

Unleash the cleansing power of Selenite and recharge your tools!

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