Shungite Polished Tumble Stone Pendant

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What makes this stone unique?

  • This back coal-like stone found in Russia,

  • Shun-gite tumbled stone has amazing properties and has been found to aid balancing and healing by absorbing negative energy output.

  • It is believed to aid the body in its healing and helps restore emotional balance. Tumble stones bring to you the beauty of rocks, minerals and gemstones , which are usually difficult to appreciate in their natural state.

  • Tumbling, a long process of smoothing and polishing, reveals the wonderful color and form of these natural treasures that are so often hidden deep in the earth. For thousands of years, stones have been polished to reveal their beauty and have always been associated with spiritual and healing properties.

  • Tumble stones are perfect as healing stones, easy to carry with you or to offer as a crystal gift for those who could benefit from them.

  • A stone not only for the esoteric enthusiast but for the crystal collector as well, these tumbled stones are an inexpensive way to develop a large and attractive collection.

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