Selenite Flower of Life Round Charging Disk

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Selenite Flower of Life Round Charging Disk – “Eternal Harmony Charger”

Elevate the energy of your sacred space with the “Eternal Harmony Charger,” our Selenite Flower of Life Round Charging Disk, designed to infuse your crystals and space with high vibrational essence.

Product Description:

• Meticulously carved from luminous selenite, this charging disk features the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life, known for its powerful energetic blueprint.
• The round shape of the disk symbolizes completeness and unity, providing an ideal platform for crystal cleansing and energy work.
• Its polished surface and engraved pattern not only charge but also amplify the energies of items placed upon it.


• Selenite is renowned for its cleansing properties, purging energy blockages and fostering spiritual growth.
• The Flower of Life symbol is believed to depict fundamental aspects of space and time, offering a visual expression of the connections life weaves through all sentient beings.
• Using this disk can enhance the potency of your crystals, jewelry, or any personal items imbued with special significance.

Why Our Charging Disk Stands Out:

• Our selenite is carefully selected for its clarity and vibrational quality, ensuring a potent and pure energy source.
• The precision-engraved Flower of Life offers not just an aesthetic appeal but also a functional purpose in energy work.
• This charging disk acts as a focal point for meditation, intention setting, or as a centerpiece in your crystal grid, aligning energies towards harmony and interconnectedness.

Transform your spiritual practice with the “Eternal Harmony Charger,” a selenite charging disk that not only revitalizes your crystals but also aligns your space with the timeless flow of universal energy.

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