Rose Quartz Pyramid Point Pendulum

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Rose Quartz Pyramid Point Pendulum – A Beacon of Heartfelt Divination

Embrace the gentle vibrations of love with our Rose Quartz Pyramid Point Pendulum. Crafted into a pyramid point, this pendulum is a tool of intuition, carved from the stone of the heart. The soft pink hues of rose quartz are not just soothing to the eye but also resonate with the heart chakra, promoting emotional healing and unconditional love.

Product Features:

  • Pyramid-shaped rose quartz pendulum for precise dowsing and spiritual guidance.
  • A delicate silver chain complements the soft pink of the rose quartz, creating a harmonious aesthetic.
  • Each pendulum is polished to a high shine, accentuating the natural beauty of the rose quartz crystal.

Healing Properties:

  • Rose Quartz is renowned for its ability to open the heart to all forms of love – self-love, family love, platonic love, and romantic love.
  • The energy of the pyramid point is directed and potent, amplifying the properties of the rose quartz and enhancing clarity in divination.
  • It can be used in meditation to bring forth loving energy and to clear the mind for receiving intuitive guidance.

Why Our Pendulum?

  • Our pendulums are chosen for their energetic quality and aesthetic appeal.
  • Each piece is cleansed and charged with positive intentions before being sent to you.
  • We provide a pendulum blessed with love, ready to become a cherished tool in your spiritual practice.

Whether you are seeking answers from within or simply to adorn yourself with the loving energy of rose quartz, our Rose Quartz Pyramid Point Pendulum is a perfect choice. It serves as a divine guide, a connector to your higher self, and a constant reminder of the abundant love that surrounds you. Let this pendulum guide your spirit and your heart in the dance of life.

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