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Road Opener 7 Day Magic Ritual Candle

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Are you looking for a way to clear the path to your goals? The Road Opener 7-Day Magic Ritual Candle can help you remove any obstacles that may be standing in your way. This candle is designed to open the road to money, health, success, love, and more.

The candle comes in a beautiful gold, green, and orange design, and measures 2 3/8 inches wide and 8 inches tall. It burns for approximately 120 hours, allowing you to set your intention and let the candle work its magic.

Made of 100% Paraffin Wax with a clean burning cotton wick (no lead), this candle provides a safe and healthy experience. Please note that color pigment and image may vary from photo to photo.

If you're ready to manifest your desires and create the life you want, the Road Opener 7-Day Magic Ritual Candle is the perfect tool to help you achieve your goals. Open the road to a brighter future today.

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