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Releasing Spell Mix – Liberate Your Spirit with Elemental Power

Unlock the gates to personal freedom with the Releasing Spell Mix, a potent concoction crafted for those seeking liberation from past constraints. Enriched with the protective qualities of Black Tourmaline, this blend is your ally in releasing negative habits, thoughts, relationships, and energies that no longer serve your highest good. Ideal for rituals focused on letting go and moving forward, this mix provides the support needed to release what holds you back and embrace the future with open arms.

Product Features:

  • Targeted Release: Our Releasing Spell Mix is formulated with herbs specifically chosen for their association with liberation, healing, and renewal, working in tandem with Black Tourmaline to safeguard your journey from negativity.
  • Protective Companion: Black Tourmaline, a stone renowned for its shielding properties, fortifies your intent to release, ensuring that the process is not only effective but also protected from external influences.
  • Adaptable Application: Whether you're dressing candles for a ritual, adding an element to your bath to wash away the old, placing it on your altar as a symbolic gesture, incorporating it into mojo bags, or using it as incense, this mix molds to fit your ritualistic practices.
  • Guided Transformation: Accompanied by suggestions for focused intentions and detailed instructions, the Releasing Spell Mix is a comprehensive tool designed to facilitate your letting go process, ensuring clarity and purpose in your rituals.


  • Emotional and Spiritual Cleansing: Engage in a cleansing process that not only clears your external environment but also purifies your inner world of emotional baggage and spiritual hurdles.
  • Renewed Energy: By releasing the old, you make room for new opportunities, relationships, and positive energies to enter your life, revitalizing your spirit and surroundings.
  • Clarity and Focus: The act of releasing helps to clarify your desires and goals, sharpening your focus on what truly matters and deserves your energy.
  • Personal Empowerment: Taking control of your release process empowers you to shape your own destiny, leaving behind what no longer contributes to your growth.

Why Choose the Releasing Spell Mix?

For anyone on the path of self-discovery and transformation, the Releasing Spell Mix offers a powerful tool to facilitate change. With the added protection and grounding of Black Tourmaline, this blend not only aids in the release of negative or stagnant energies but also ensures that your journey towards renewal is supported and safeguarded. Embrace the power of release and step into your future with confidence and clarity.

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