Clear Quartz Palm Stone

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- Are you in need of powerful cleansing energy?
- Or perhaps you need guidance during your meditation sessions?

Then all you need is a Clear Quartz Palm Stone!

If you are looking for a tool to help you reach a new level in your crystal healing practices, then the Clear Quartz Palm Stone is your new best crystal buddy. Crystal Palm Stones are powerful tools that can either help you focus during meditation, or heighten the frequencies that you are sending out.

They can also provide much-needed guidance for the flow of life force within your body, and enhance it, ultimately dissolving all energy blockages.

Known as the Master Healer of the crystal world, Clear Quartz radiates with serene, peaceful frequencies that can nourish you back to your natural high-frequency state.

Because of the symmetrical shape of the Clear Quartz Palm Stone, it simply radiates with high-frequency vibes, which makes it the perfect tool to enhance your intentions, cleanse your mind, calm your emotions, and nourish you back to your natural high-frequency state.

Manifest Your Own Damn Magic With The Clear Quartz Palm Stone!

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