Orisha Ochosi 7 Day Magic Ritual Candle

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Orisha Ochosi 7 Day Magic Ritual Candle – The Hunter's Focus and Precision

Invoke the sharp focus and unwavering aim of Ochosi, the Orisha of the hunt, justice, and strategy, with the Orisha Ochosi 7 Day Magic Ritual Candle. This distinctive black and purple candle merges the mystique of the night with the wisdom of intuition, perfectly embodying Ochosi's prowess as both a hunter and a guardian of fairness. Standing at 8 inches tall and 2 3/8 inches wide, this candle is meticulously crafted from 100% paraffin wax, featuring a clean-burning, lead-free cotton wick for about 120 hours of focused flame.

Product Features:

  • Dedicated to Orisha Ochosi: Celebrating Ochosi, the deity of hunters and seeker of justice, this candle is a powerful ally for those pursuing truth, precision, and right action.
  • Symbolic Black and Purple Colors: The black represents Ochosi's connection to the mysterious night, while purple signifies his deep intuition and spiritual insight, aiding seekers in their quest for justice and truth.
  • 100% Paraffin Wax for Clean Burning: Ensures a pure and steady burn, allowing for a focused connection to Ochosi's empowering energy throughout the week.
  • Lead-Free Cotton Wick: Promotes a safer and more environmentally conscious burning experience, minimizing smoke and ensuring a pure flame.


  • Enhances Focus and Precision: Ideal for those needing clarity and concentration, this candle helps to sharpen the mind, aiding in decision-making and the achievement of goals.
  • Promotes Justice and Fairness: Lighting this candle can support legal matters and personal endeavors that require the restoration of balance and fairness.
  • Aids in Spiritual Guidance: As a beacon of truth, the Ochosi candle offers guidance and insight, helping to illuminate the path for those seeking spiritual enlightenment.
  • Protects Against Injustice: Ochosi's watchful eye guards against deceit and injustice, offering protection to those who light the candle in search of truth and integrity.

Why Choose the Orisha Ochosi 7 Day Magic Ritual Candle?

The Orisha Ochosi 7 Day Magic Ritual Candle is more than a ritual tool; it's a spiritual companion for those navigating the complexities of life's moral landscapes. Whether you're seeking justice, yearning for precision in your endeavors, or looking for spiritual guidance, this candle serves as a powerful conduit to Ochosi's astute and strategic wisdom. Light it as an offering, a prayer, or a focal point for meditation, and let the combined energies of black and purple guide you toward achieving your highest aspirations under Ochosi's watchful gaze.

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