Nitiraj Heart Chakra (Anahata) Incense Sticks

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Nitiraj Heart Chakra (Anahata) Incense Sticks

Product Description:

• Nitiraj Heart Chakra (Anahata) Incense Sticks are specially crafted to harmonize and stimulate the heart chakra, known as Anahata in Sanskrit. These incense sticks are perfect for those seeking to enhance their meditation practice, yoga sessions, or simply to create a calming atmosphere in their space.
• Each stick is infused with a unique blend of natural herbs, resins, and essential oils that resonate with the heart chakra. The fragrance is carefully formulated to promote feelings of love, compassion, empathy, and emotional balance.
• The heart chakra is associated with the color green and is located in the center of the chest. It governs our ability to give and receive love and forms the center of our deep bonds with other beings. These incense sticks are designed to help open and balance this vital energy center.
• Nitiraj Heart Chakra Incense Sticks are hand-rolled in India using traditional techniques and ethically sourced ingredients, ensuring high quality and authenticity. The incense is free from synthetic fragrances, providing a pure and natural aromatic experience.
• Each pack contains a generous number of sticks, each with a burn time of approximately 30 minutes. The long-lasting aroma makes these incense sticks ideal for longer meditation sessions or spiritual rituals.
• The packaging is elegantly designed, reflecting the tranquility and spiritual significance of the product. It also provides information on the heart chakra, making it educational for those new to chakra practices.


• Aids in balancing and stimulating the heart chakra, enhancing emotional well-being.
• Creates a peaceful and loving atmosphere conducive to meditation and relaxation.
• Offers a natural and soothing fragrance, free from synthetic additives.
• Supports ethical and traditional incense-making practices.

Unique Aspects:

• Specifically formulated for the heart chakra, making it ideal for focused spiritual practices.
• Made with natural ingredients, ensuring a pure and authentic experience.
• Handcrafted in India, honoring traditional incense-making techniques.
• “Nitiraj Heart Chakra (Anahata) Incense Sticks” offer a unique blend of natural aromas and energetic properties, perfect for those seeking to nurture their heart chakra and create a harmonious and loving environment.

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