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Red Mini Ritual Unscented Candle

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These mini unscented candles are perfect for your rituals, spells, prayers, and blessings, or to warm up any ambiance and work with the power of colors. Red is used for vitality, power, and desires.

They are excellent for altars; perfect for prayer, meditation, holding vigil, ritual use, color and Chakra work, candle magick, and spell work; or to create soothing environments. Add every color of Mini Ritual Candles to your collection! Red candles are best known as a catalyst for love, particularly physical love.

The vibrancy of the red color signifies passion, power, lust, and strength which makes the Red Mini Ritual Candle perfect for simple rituals or to spark up a passionate night with your partner. Each candle is carefully crafted, made specifically to warm up any ambiance, burning for up to two hours.

Reinvigorate the passion in your relationship, and use it for love rituals and for finding your inner strength and power with the Red Mini Ritual Candle!

There are no soft and subtle shifts when it comes to red candle magic. This is a color of action and energy. Even when you know what you are expecting, you may be surprised. This is a good color to burn when you are looking for a fresh start, but not if you are wanting to ease into something new. Red candles are like lighting the fuse on a rocket.

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