Magickal Tarot Guidebook and Deck

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**Magickal Tarot: Guidebook and Deck**

Product Description:

- "Magickal Tarot: Guidebook and Deck" is a unique and enchanting tarot set that merges traditional tarot wisdom with the mystical world of magick. This set is designed for both novices and seasoned tarot practitioners.
- The deck consists of 78 beautifully illustrated cards, each rich in symbolism and magical imagery. The illustrations are crafted to not only adhere to the traditional meanings of tarot but also to incorporate elements of spellwork and magickal practice.
- The accompanying guidebook is an invaluable resource, offering detailed descriptions and interpretations of each card, as well as instructions on how to integrate magickal practices into your readings.
- The guidebook also includes unique spreads and rituals, making it an excellent tool for those looking to deepen their tarot practice and explore the intersection of tarot and magick.
- "Magickal Tarot" is perfect for anyone seeking to enhance their intuitive skills, understand the deeper meanings of the cards, and incorporate elements of magick into their daily lives.
- The deck and guidebook are presented in a high-quality box, making it an ideal gift for anyone interested in tarot, magick, or personal growth.


- Enhances tarot readings with a unique blend of traditional tarot wisdom and magickal practice.
- The guidebook provides comprehensive interpretations and magickal insights, ideal for both learning and deepening your tarot knowledge.
- Offers creative and magickal ways to use the tarot for personal growth, decision-making, and manifesting your intentions.
- The beautiful artwork and magickal themes make for an inspiring and uplifting experience during readings.

Unique Aspects:

- Integrates magickal symbols and spellwork into the traditional tarot structure, offering a fresh and innovative approach to tarot.
- The guidebook is packed with practical advice on how to incorporate magickal elements into your readings and everyday life.
- Ideal for those interested in combining tarot reading with spellwork, energy work, and manifestation techniques.
- "Magickal Tarot: Guidebook and Deck" is more than just a tarot set; it’s a tool for personal transformation and magickal exploration.

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