Guided Tarot for Teens: A Beginner's Guide to Card Meanings, Spreads, and Trust in Your Intuition by Stefanie Caponi

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Guided Tarot for Teens: A Beginner’s Guide to Card Meanings, Spreads, and Trust in Your Intuition by Stefanie Caponi


Guided Tarot for Teens offers a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the art of tarot reading specifically tailored for teenagers. Authored by Stefanie Caponi, a seasoned tarot reader and intuitive guide, this beginner’s guide is designed to empower teens to explore the mysteries of tarot, unlock their intuition, and gain valuable insights into themselves and the world around them.

Key Features:

1. Tarot Basics: Dive into the fundamentals of tarot, including the history of the tarot deck, the structure of the deck, and the significance of the Major and Minor Arcana cards. Learn how to select and care for your tarot deck, as well as essential tarot terminology and concepts.

2. Card Meanings: Explore the meanings and symbolism of each tarot card, from the Fool to the World, as well as the Court Cards and numbered cards. Discover how to interpret the imagery, colors, and symbols on the cards, and gain insight into their unique messages and energies.

3. Tarot Spreads: Master a variety of tarot spreads, including simple one-card and three-card spreads, as well as more complex spreads like the Celtic Cross. Learn how to customize spreads for specific questions or situations, and practice conducting readings for yourself and others.

4. Developing Intuition: Cultivate trust in your intuition and develop your psychic abilities through guided exercises and journal prompts. Learn how to tune into your inner wisdom, interpret intuitive messages, and deepen your connection to the tarot cards.

5. Practical Tips: Receive practical tips and advice for integrating tarot into your daily life, including journaling techniques, meditation practices, and rituals for cleansing and charging your cards. Explore ways to use tarot for self-reflection, decision-making, and personal growth.

Empower Yourself with Tarot:

Connect with the wisdom of the tarot deck as a tool for self-discovery, guidance, and empowerment.

Explore the rich symbolism and imagery of the tarot cards, allowing them to spark your imagination and intuition.

Practice tarot reading techniques and spreads to deepen your understanding of the cards and enhance your intuitive abilities.

Trust in your intuition as you interpret the messages of the tarot, embracing the wisdom that lies within you.

Embrace tarot as a powerful tool for navigating life’s challenges, gaining clarity, and manifesting your dreams.

Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery and Empowerment with Guided Tarot for Teens, and unlock the magic of the tarot as you explore your intuition, gain valuable insights, and trust in your inner wisdom.

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