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• “Create Your Own Tarot Cards” by Theresa Reed is a unique and interactive guide for anyone interested in delving into the art of tarot card creation. This book is perfect for artists, tarot enthusiasts, and creative souls looking to personalize their journey into the world of tarot.
• The book provides a comprehensive introduction to the symbolism and meanings of traditional tarot, laying a solid foundation for creating meaningful and personal tarot imagery. It encourages readers to explore their own artistic vision while staying true to the essence of the tarot.
• A standout feature of this book is its step-by-step instructions on designing and illustrating your own tarot cards. It includes practical advice on different artistic mediums, styles, and techniques suitable for beginners to more experienced artists.
• Alongside the creative guidance, Theresa Reed offers insights into the history of tarot, different tarot decks, and the significance of each card. This context enriches the creative process, allowing for a deeper connection with the tarot.
• The book is filled with inspiring examples, templates, and exercises to spark creativity. It’s not just a guide but a workbook that invites readers to sketch, brainstorm, and experiment directly within its pages.
• “Create Your Own Tarot Cards” is more than a crafting book; it’s a journey of self-exploration and personal expression through the mystical world of tarot. It empowers readers to bring their unique perspective to this ancient divinatory art form.


• Encourages creative expression and personal connection with the tarot.
• Offers a comprehensive understanding of tarot symbolism, enhancing the reader’s tarot knowledge and reading skills.
• Provides a hands-on, immersive experience in art and tarot, suitable for a range of artistic skill levels.
• An excellent resource for anyone wishing to deepen their understanding of tarot through the creative process.

Unique Aspects:

• Focuses on the creative process of making your own tarot cards, a unique approach in the world of tarot books.
• Balances artistic guidance with tarot education, making it a versatile resource.
• Includes interactive elements like templates and exercises, fostering an engaging learning experience.
• Tailored for a broad audience, from tarot novices to seasoned readers and artists, making it a valuable addition to any tarot enthusiast’s library.

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