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Chinese Coin – “Tokens of Prosperity and Fortune”

Embrace the legacy of wealth and luck with our Chinese Coins, available in both grand 42mm and petite 10mm sizes. These coins are replicas of ancient currency used in traditional feng shui practices to attract positive energy and financial success.

Product Description:

• The coins feature traditional Chinese characters and lucky symbols, intricately cast for authenticity and charm.
• Made from high-quality metals, these coins are designed to replicate the look and feel of antique money.
• The 42mm coins are impressive in size and detail, ideal for display or as part of larger feng shui arrangements.
• The 10mm coins are perfect for carrying in wallets, purses, or creating custom jewelry.


• In feng shui, these coins are believed to attract wealth and abundance, making them perfect for business owners or anyone seeking financial improvement.
• They can be used in various feng shui cures and enhancements around your home or office.
• The coins can serve as thoughtful gifts symbolizing good wishes for prosperity and happiness.

Why Choose Our Chinese Coins?

• We offer two convenient sizes to fit all your feng shui needs, whether for display or as personal talismans.
• Our coins are crafted with care to ensure they carry the rich symbolism and energy intended in traditional practices.
• Their versatility in use and symbolic value make them an excellent addition to any space.

Select from our Chinese Coins to activate wealth chi in your environment, or carry them with you as a constant reminder of the abundance the universe has to offer.

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