Black Tourmaline Faceted Point Leather Wrapped Necklace

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The Black Tourmaline Faceted Point Leather Wrapped Necklace is a striking and protective piece of jewelry that combines the powerful energy of black tourmaline with the rustic charm of leather. Crafted with care and attention to detail, this necklace is designed to help you stay grounded, protected, and connected to the earth’s energy.

Key Features:

1. Black Tourmaline Faceted Point: The centerpiece of this necklace is a stunning black tourmaline faceted point. Black tourmaline is a highly protective stone that is known for its ability to absorb negative energy and create a shield of protection around the wearer. The faceted cut of the tourmaline point enhances its beauty and amplifies its energetic properties.
2. Leather Wrapped Design: The black tourmaline point is securely wrapped in supple leather, adding a touch of rustic elegance to the necklace. The leather wrapping not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the necklace but also provides durability and strength.
3. Adjustable Length: The necklace features an adjustable leather cord, allowing you to customize the length to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer a choker-style necklace or a longer pendant, you can easily adjust the cord to achieve the perfect fit.
4. Natural Variation: Each black tourmaline point is unique, featuring its own distinct color variations, inclusions, and markings. This means that no two necklaces are exactly alike, making each piece truly one-of-a-kind.
5. Versatile Wearability: This necklace is versatile enough to be worn with a variety of outfits and styles, from casual everyday wear to more formal occasions. Whether you’re dressing up for a night out or keeping it casual during the day, the Black Tourmaline Faceted Point Leather Wrapped Necklace is sure to make a statement.


• Protection: Black tourmaline is a powerful protective stone that helps to shield the wearer from negative energy, psychic attacks, and electromagnetic smog. By wearing this necklace, you can create a protective barrier around yourself and maintain a sense of energetic balance and harmony.
• Grounding: Black tourmaline is also a grounding stone that helps to anchor you to the earth’s energy, keeping you rooted and centered amidst life’s challenges and distractions. Wearing this necklace can help you stay grounded, focused, and present in the moment.
• Energetic Cleansing: In addition to its protective and grounding properties, black tourmaline is also believed to have cleansing and purifying qualities. It can help to clear away negative energy and purify your aura, leaving you feeling refreshed, revitalized, and energetically cleansed.
• Empowerment: Wearing a black tourmaline necklace can help you feel empowered and confident as you navigate life’s ups and downs. It serves as a reminder of your inner strength and resilience, helping you to overcome obstacles and tap into your full potential.

Why Choose the Black Tourmaline Faceted Point Leather Wrapped Necklace?

The Black Tourmaline Faceted Point Leather Wrapped Necklace offers a unique combination of beauty, protection, and grounding energy. Whether you’re looking for a stylish piece of jewelry to complement your wardrobe or a powerful tool for energetic protection and empowerment, this necklace is sure to exceed your expectations. With its adjustable length, natural variation, and versatile wearability, it’s the perfect accessory for anyone seeking to enhance their style and their spiritual practice alike

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