Ascended Masters Magic Votive Candle

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Connect with the wisdom of the Ascended Masters with the Ascended Masters Magic Votive Candle. Specially formulated to facilitate communication and guidance from enlightened beings, this candle is a powerful tool for those seeking spiritual growth and higher knowledge.

Product Features:

• Infused with a divine blend of essential oils and herbs, each selected for their resonance with the vibrational frequencies of the Ascended Masters.
• Carefully hand-poured with intention, ensuring that the candle embodies the spiritual connection and guidance you seek.
• Ideal for use in meditation, prayer, or any spiritual practice aimed at connecting with higher wisdom and guidance.
• The candle emits a celestial fragrance, creating a sacred atmosphere conducive to enlightenment and spiritual communication.


• Aids in establishing a connection with the Ascended Masters, allowing for the receipt of divine guidance, wisdom, and enlightenment.
• Enhances meditation and spiritual practices, deepening your understanding and fostering a profound sense of inner peace.
• The light of the candle symbolizes the illumination of higher knowledge, helping to clear the mind and open the heart to spiritual insights.

Why Choose the Ascended Masters Magic Votive Candle?

• Perfect for spiritual seekers, meditators, and anyone looking to deepen their connection with the spiritual realm.
• The candle’s energy is specifically attuned to the frequencies of the Ascended Masters, making it a potent tool for spiritual communication and growth.
• Crafted with care and intention, this candle is not just an object but a sacred conduit for divine wisdom and guidance.

Illuminate your spiritual path with the Ascended Masters Magic Votive Candle. Let its flame guide you towards the wisdom of higher realms, illuminating your journey towards enlightenment and universal understanding.

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