Abalone Stunning Iridescent Interior Color Natural Shell, Mostly Used In Smudging Rituals

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The abalone shell with its beautiful iridescent interior has been used for centuries for burning smudge. When not in use it also makes a natural decorative accent piece. Having been made by nature sizes will vary.

Abalone shells bring the beauty of the sea into your home. They have a stunning iridescent interior color. They are commonly used to hold a burning smudge stick during cleansing. Smudging is the sacred art of burning sage and similar herbs to create a purifying smoke that can be used to remove negative energies from individuals and places.

Abalone shells are also perfect for burning lose herbs and resins on top of charcoal. If using to burn herbs and resins on charcoal make sure you pop an inch of sand in the bottom of your shell. This is a natural item that has been made by nature so sizes, coloring, markings and shape will vary.
You can also use an abalone shell on your altar as an offering bowl or to hold your crystals and other magical items.

Small measures 2 inches

Large measures 6 inches

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