A Little Friendship Wishlet

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Background Color is Yellow, Inscription is Orange.

A Little Friendship Wishlet is made of 100% polyester.

Some common wishes surround:

  • Developing more compassion and love in platonic relationships.

  • Bringing more acceptance and beauty into your social circle.

  • Evolving an existing friendship.

  • Opening Your Heart Chakra and openness towards connecting with others.

  • Attracting others to help you spiritually and emotionally grow.

One Little Wishlet is a Brazilian inspired wishing ribbon which dates back hundreds of years. Ancient cultures believed these ribbons were not only good luck but also known to grant wishes to the wearier.

A Little Friendship Wishlet

  • Need an update to your social circle. Try A Little Friendship Wishlet to attract some new loving friendships into your life.

  • Inscription Reads: "A moment, a season or a lifetime, always in my heart".

  • Some people enter your life for a hot minute and some stick around forever. Either way, when you have a strong connection with another, the experience leaves a lasting impression on your heart. #squadgoals

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