A Little Cord Cutting Ritual Kit – Release, Heal, and Transform

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A Little Cord Cutting Ritual Kit – Release, Heal, and Transform

Embark on a journey of liberation and renewal with A Little Cord Cutting Ritual Kit, your essential companion for severing ties with energies, people, or patterns that no longer serve your highest good. Although it can be used anytime, it's a perfect complement to the Full Moon's transformative energy. This ritual facilitates a powerful release, allowing you to step into a new version of yourself or redefine relationships on healthier terms. Crafted for those moments when you're ready to let go and embrace change, this kit supports a profound spiritual cleanse that's both quick and deeply impactful, potentially extending up to two hours for a complete and mindful practice.

Product Features:

  • Complete Ritual Set: Includes two white ritual candles, pre-tied twine symbolizing the bonds you wish to sever, a set of matches, a stick of palo santo and a dual candle holder for safe and focused practice.
  • Optimized for Full Moon Energy: This kit is designed to enhance your release and transformation efforts, making the Full Moon an optimal time for your cord-cutting ritual. Although you can do this ritual anytime, leveraging the Full Moon's peak energy will only amplify its potency. 
  • Versatile Application: Whether seeking to release personal fears, outdated beliefs, or karmic ties with another, this kit facilitates a clear process for visualization and energetic separation.
  • Guided Visualization Practice: Accompanied by instructions for a visualization exercise, the kit helps you envision and energetically cut cords, promoting healing and reintegration of freed energies.


  • Emotional and Spiritual Release: Offers a tangible method for letting go of emotional burdens and spiritual blockages, paving the way for healing and growth.
  • Renewed Perspective: Facilitates a shift in how you relate to yourself and others, inviting new, healthier connections and self-understandings.
  • Energetic Clarity: Clears the aura and personal energy fields of lingering negativity or attachments, fostering a sense of purity and renewal.
  • Personal Empowerment: Engages your active participation in personal transformation, empowering you to consciously shape your spiritual journey.

Why Choose A Little Cord Cutting Ritual Kit?

For those ready to close chapters and open new doors, A Little Cord Cutting Ritual Kit offers a profound yet accessible tool for spiritual housecleaning. Infused with the intention of release and renewal and optimized for the potent energies of the Full Moon, this kit is an invaluable asset in your spiritual toolkit. Embrace the power of letting go and welcome the fresh energies that await with every use.

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