One Little Wishlet Guide

One Little Wishlet Online Guide

Thank you so much for your purchase of One Little Wishlet!  We are so excited to be a part of your journey of whatever part of your life you are looking to create magic.

Here's how we recommend using your new bracelet.  

  1. Find a nice, relaxing and calming environment.  
  2. Once you are settled, close your eyes and take three deep breaths.  Make sure you fully inhale and exhale each time.
  3. You should be feeling pretty relaxed at this point.  Now, think about your wish (or wishes, you get up to three).  This is the time to daydream and visualize what it will be like when your wish(es) comes true.  
  4. Once you are feeling the joy and happiness of what you want coming true, and imagine this feeling spreading throughout your entire body.  Try to sit still in this feeling for a moment.
  5. Now, take your wishing ribbon, and tie it on your wrist or ankle.  Make sure you tie it somewhere you feel very comfortable, because the ancients believed that taking it off yourself is bad luck.
  6. Write down your wish or wishes.  Don't forget, you can have three in total.
  7. When you make your first knot to secure the bracelet, say your wish out loud.  Tell the Universe that you want to bring this wonderful desire into your life.  Be sure to express gratitude for bringing your wish to you in accordance to your highest purpose (and the highest purpose of anyone involved).  Repeat this up to three times.  If you only have one wish, feel free to repeat the above three times.  
  8. Lastly, continue on with your life holding in the back of your mind that your wish is being perfectly orchestrated for you in divine timing.  If you at anytime feel doubt, just look up at the magnificence of the Universe we live in, and how perfectly it is designed.  We live in this world, and if all of that can exist, your wish is a mere drop in the bucket.  For it will come to you.

And that's all folks.  Don't forget to write back and tell us about how your wishes came true.

Loads of light and magic,


The Little Magic Shop Team