One Little Wish Kit Guide

One Little Wish Online Guide

First, let’s spend a little time getting you focused. What is it that you want to bring into your life? 

Write it down on a piece of paper or in your journal.

Next, sit quietly and imagine that what you wrote above is unfolding right now. Take your time. Really get into this daydream/visualization. Once you feel really excited about your wish coming true, feel free to move on to the next step.

Now, use the carving stick to carve your first name and your astrological sign into your candle (see photo below). Once you've finished carving, put on the provided gloves — we’re about to get a little messy! Rub the provided oil on your candle: starting from the top of the candle, rub the oil downward to the middle. Then, from the bottom, rub more oil toward the middle. Once the candle is fully covered with oil, sprinkle the glitter and rub into the oil using the same motion described earlier. Now that your candle is carved, oiled and glittered, gently drop it into the glass candle holder.

Finally, recite the following out loud and then light your candle.

With the lighting of this candle I wish for {insert your wish here}. I ask that this is brought to me in accordance with the free will and higher purpose of all individuals involved, in a loving and light filled manner. Lastly, I humbly express my gratitude for bringing me new love. Thank you.

At this point you have two options. You can allow your candle to burn out on its own or only allow it to burn when you are supervising. We recommend that you place it in a bucket or vase of water if you choose to allow it to burn out on it’s own. If you are not comfortable with leaving it unattended, then extinguish it with a candle snuffer, try to avoid blowing it out. When you are available to continue burning it, please remember to get back into the same mindset you were when you first lit it. Be sure to put it in a safe place where it will not be disturbed. Safety is of the utmost importance. Whichever way you choose, allow the candle to burn out completely so that no (or very little) wax is left. Burn this candle at your own risk.

*Please note that My Little Magic Shop cannot guarantee that your wish will be granted. That’s up to you and the Universe.

Optional Meditation

Every morning, especially while your candle is burning, spend a few minutes centering yourself in the feeling of gratitude for your wish coming to you. Thank yourself for being patient with the results and for all of the hard work put forth so far. Remind yourself that your dreams will come true shortly. Ask for signs that what you wish for is unfolding, and promise yourself that you will keep open eyes and an open heart to these signs.

Always remember, just a little seed of intention can bloom realities bigger and more beautiful than your wildest dreams.

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