My Very First Crystal Kit Guide

My Very First Crystal Kit Instructions

Hello Magic Maker!

Hey there, little Magic Maker!  Did you know that it took thousands of years for these very special crystals to make it into your hands?  They had to go through so much, making long, long journeys from all around the world, just to be with YOU!  Don't you feel so special? Well, you should! Because, these 5 crystals came into your life, right now, just to be there for you!  They want to help grant your wishes, bring you love, help you do well in school and help you sleep with no nightmares! As long as you ask them nicely and remember to treat them gently, they could even become some of your best friends!  Are you ready to get to know them?

WAIT!  Before we get started, you have to make a promise.  Can you do that for us? We are trusting you with our dearest friends and we have to be sure you treat them well.  If you are ready, and only if you are ready, put your right hand up and read the promises below, loud and proud.  

I promise to treat my crystals kindly

I promise never to throw them across the room when I am angry

I promise not to eat them

I promise to tell my crystals Thank You every time I put them away

I promise to put them in a safe place when I'm not using them

Now, if and only if, you pledge to stick to all of these promises, sign your name below.


WHOOOHOOOO!  It’s time to officially meet our friends!  Are you ready?? Let’s meet Clear Quartz!!

Clear Quartz 

Making wishes on how you want the day to go.  

Clear Quartz is often called the Master Healer and it can help with ANYTHING.  You can use this crystal to make a wish and if the Universe thinks it is the very best thing for your soul to be happy, clear quartz will help it come to you.  The best way to use your new friend, clear quartz, is in the morning while you are getting ready for school. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Hold your clear quartz close to your heart and close your eyes.

  2. Imagine something in your day you want to happen.  Maybe you want to do well on a test or make a new friend or get picked for the soccer team.

  3. Now, imagine that you got your wish.  Would you jump for joy? 

  4. Now, ask your crystal to help to bring you this only if it’s in your soul’s best interest.

  5. Tell your crystal thank you. 

**If you don’t get your wish, don’t worry!  The best part about the Universe is that it ALWAYS knows best and often when something doesn’t happen exactly how we want it, something even BETTER always does.  

Rose Quartz 

Turning that frown upside down. 

Do you know how much the Universe loves you?  Try to imagine from your house to the moon and back. It loves you even more than that!  And, think about how much you love your family. It’s probably at least to the moon, right?  Well, do you ever want to see them sad? No! No one wants to see someone they love sad. It’s the same with the Universe and you.  It never wants to see you sad for longer than a few moments because it loves you wayyy too much! This is why the earth created Rose Quartz to help remind you that the universe loves you so much and doesn’t want to see you blue.  Whenever you are feeling a little down, just grab your Rose Quartz and hold it up to your heart. Just keep in there until you feel better. When you do feel better, tell it thank you and smile!  

**Remember that it’s okay to feel sad sometimes!  It’s important to express your sadness and to cry if you need.  We have to feel and let go of our emotions. It’s just as bad to keep them bottled in as it is to never let them go.  So, once you are finished and you let it all out, then use your Rose Quartz to fill you right back up again.  

Black Tourmaline 

Explode with peace not anger!

Sometimes people are not very nice.  They don’t mean to be not nice, they just don’t know how to talk about their feelings so they do or say mean things to try to feel better.  We all do it sometimes, right? The big problem is that when we are not nice to other people, those other people will go and be mean to other people and then they will be mean to more people and it just goes on and on.  But, who wants that? Don’t you want a happy world? Of course you do. Well, the best way for us to do that is to handle when we are mad in a way that doesn’t hurt yourself or anyone else. Guess what? The Universe made Black Tourmaline just for that!

Whenever you are feeling upset, like after someone hurt your feelings, go get your Black Tourmaline and hold it up to your heart.  Imagine all of your feelings going from you into your crystal. Keep it there until you feel calm. When you do feel better, gently blow on it imaging all the yucky stuff going right into the ground and away from you.  Don’t forget to tell your crystal thank you!  

**After you feel better, it’s good to go talk to someone about what happened and how it made you feel.  You can talk to your mommy or daddy, teacher or brother or sister, anyone you feel safe with. Hold your Black Tourmaline to give you courage when you tell them.  It’s important for us to talk about our feelings with others from a calm place. Trust your little crystal to help you say it in a way that makes you feel good inside.


Every little thing is going to be alright.

Do you know that feeling that happens sometimes right before you have a big test at school?  Butterflies in your tummy and you feel a little worried about how you will do? Well, that is called worry and it happens to all of us.  We all want to do well and make our parents proud but sometimes worrying distracts us from doing our best. Well, you now you have a crystal that wants to take all your worry from you.  Meet, Sodalite!

Whenever you are feeling worried or are having trouble concentrating, bring your Sodalite along.  If you gently rub it and imagine your worry melting, your worry will melt! Plus, if you say “I can do this” three times while rubbing your crystal, Sodalite will help keep you calm.  Once you ace that test or make the soccer team, please don’t forget to tell your crystal thank you!  

**You can use Sodalite for any time of worrying. Anytime you feel like your mind is telling you so many things at once, just rub your Sodalite and we promise it will help to slow your brain all the way down.


No more nightmares!

Amethyst is the crystal of the sweetest dreams.  You can use this crystal to bring you the calmest, best sleep you can have AND kick your nightmares to the curb.  The best way to use your new friend, Amethyst is right before bed. All you have to do is place it under your pillow or right by your bed before you go to sleep.  That’s it!  

**If you wake up in the middle of the night, grab it and rub until you fall back asleep.  

Now that you know all of your new friends, we know that you will take the very best care of them.  You made a promise that we know you won’t break. Give them our love! 

Wishing you so much love and magic,

Shereen & the My Little Magic Shop Team