Mini Moon Phase Kit Guide

Mini Moon Phase Kit Instructions

Hello Magic Maker!

This magical kit includes 4 crystals and how to use them to connect with each of the moon’s phases.  As you may already know, there are a few Phases that the moon passes before she makes her full 28 day cycle around the earth. These phases include the New Moon, Full Moon, Waning Phase and Waxing Phase, each reminding us to not only look within but to remember that all in life has a grander cycle.   Think about it, the Moon’s power is so great that she even affects the tides of the oceans with the force of gravity. So is it too much to ask, could the Moon have a greater effect on us than we think?

A long time ago, farmers were especially reliant on the moon and her cycles to guide them through their harvest. They would plant on a New Moon hoping to grow the most magical fruits and veggies. They would even actually avoid planting during a Full Moon knowing that their seeds would probably not make it harvest. Of course, they did it for practical reasons, it is darker during a New Moon and therefore insects can’t find your seeds to munch on as easily as during a Full Moon.  However, it’s quite possible they also did it for superstitious reasons as well. What makes this history that much more interesting is that many other traditions including, Astrology, follow this same logic but from a more metaphysical perspective. For the moon governs our emotions, as well as our ability to utilize our emotions to manifest our deepest desires.

Moreover, in Astrology, A New Moon is the perfect time for planting new seeds of intention, for starting new projects and for making lasting changes in your life. A Full Moon is less about starting something new and more about revealing, unveiling or seeing something culminate or come to fruition. The waxing and waning of the moon, the phases surrounding the New and Full Moons also have great importance as well. And similar to the farmers, we are all farmers of our experiences and our dreams. We can also use the moon to plant, nurture, adjust and manifest our deepest desires. 

With this magical kit, we have coupled Astrology, the cycles of the moon and crystal healing to create A New Moon Phase Kit designed to help you connect and align with your higher purpose and goals.  

This kit includes 4 crystals and a corresponding self-development or self-care activity to help you connect with the Moon. Ready to get started?  Let’s go! You can also download and print it by clicking here.


Lunar Calendar Self-Care Calendar with Rituals

Check out below for how to use each moon phase to get your self-care on. Welcome to Your Guide to Practicing Lunar Calendar Self Care!  Check out each phase and an activity to help you to take the energy to the highest vibration!

New Moon

The New Moon is all about planting new seeds of intention and kicking starting new habits in your life. The keyword for this moon phase is starting. Sometimes starting happens in your mind and other times it means getting out there and starting some new. This is the perfect time to make a list of anything you wish to manifest in the future, create a vision board of an area in your life you desire to change or even light a candle to signify the need for change. Anyone new who comes into your life around this time could be of significance, as they more than likely bring some sort of gift of healing and learning for you. Also, if you want to make a change to your appearance or start a new wellness routine, making this change or starting this new habit around the New Moon gives it an extra kick. New Moon energy is great for creating lasting changes in our life.   Give it a little extra kick with some Moonstone!!

  1. To help you start off on your magical journey through the moon phases, we are helping you start off a new beginning as the New Moon shines over you! We have created a powerful New Moon Manifestation Ritual that requires only a piece of Moonstone, a pen and a piece of paper.  

  2. First, we will need to map out what we want to manifest.  Take your pen and paper (or write below), and think about your goals for this month. 

What do you want to achieve? 


How do you want to change the direction of your life? 


What new thing do you want to try out? 


  1. Give yourself the time to figure things out. When you are ready, start writing your intentions down. Although you can write as many as you want, we recommend you write down no more than three things on your list. If you focus on too many things at the same time, you’ll just overwhelm yourself. Creating your own damn magic takes time, and instead of trying to be a one-man army, and do everything in a month, give yourself the time and space, and perform this ritual monthly, and slowly but surely achieve all of your goals. 

Your Three Intentions

  1. _______

  2. _______

  3. _______

Fantastic!  We are so proud of you!  You have made the most important step towards making your own magic.  

  1. It’s time to get comfy, we are going to do a little exercise. Sit down on the floor (or anywhere comfortable) and begin taking deep, slow and steady breaths. We are going to work with our Moonstone now.

  2. Continue breathing slow and evenly.  If you feel like you aren’t calming down, trying to count each breath.  Once you are feeling really relaxed, I want you to imagine the last time you accomplished something really important in your life.  It could be a big thing, a small thing, it really doesn’t matter. All that is important is that you summon up the feeling you had when you accomplished it.  Just to sit in that feeling for as long as you can. Remember every detail of your reaction, your happiness, your confidence, your joy. Now, I want you to imagine that you are just figuring out that you accomplished the goal you wrote down above.  Your intention to tie the intention you just set out with the feeling you had the last time you accomplished something magical. Hold on to your moonstone when doing this. Now, gently ask your moonstone to help you bring this forth. Yes, it’s totally okay to talk to your crystals.  I do it all the time. They haven’t talked back once, but they sure do bring actions. Once you have shared your intention with your crystal, your only job now is to keep remembering this feeling and expecting it to happen.


When the Moon is waxing, this is a glorious time to get started on pursuing the intentions you want to manifest! It’s the time of pushing forward and tapping into your masculine energy. Remember, masculine energy is all about doing, moving and pushing forward whereas feminine energy is about receiving and allowing. The waxing of the moon starts immediately after the New Moon of the month. If you have set your intentions on the New Moon then this is the time to start moving on them. Show the universe how badly you want whatever it is you wished for by being open to the opportunities coming your way. Also, get out there and hunt for what you want. Even more importantly this is the time to implement the habits that will allow you get to your goals. An example of this is if you want to get a new job. Set your intention on the New Moon, then get to applying for jobs while the moon is waxing. This is time time to pull out the Clear Quartz!! No matter if you are choosing a crystal to meditate with under a waxing moon or working on getting the momentum going, Clear Quartz is your go-to.  Clear Quartz will help you to be open to any messages the universe needs you to hear by amplifying your crown chakra.  

When the moon is waxing, it’s a great time to focus in on the intentions you set during the New Moon.  Follow five steps to make the most of the Waxing Moon. You will need your Clear Quartz, a pen and a piece of paper.

  1. Take your piece of Clear Quartz and hold it with both hands.

  2. Take some calming breaths, feeling your body relax with each one.

  3. Now, read all three intentions you wrote during the last New Moon out loud.

  4. Once you have read them aloud, it’s time to tackle any apprehension you’ve been having about them and kick them to the curb.  Get out a piece of paper and make two columns. On the left side, write down three fears about these intentions coming true. If you can’t think of fears, think about three thoughts or doubts you have had since you set your intentions.  Be honest, we won’t judge you. Everyone has doubts. Don’t hide them, shine a light on them! Next, on the right side, we want you to write down reasons these fears are just that, False Evidence Appearing Real.  Write as little or as much as you want.  The goal is to go through the exercise of talking yourself out of these fears.  Once you feel like you have fully let them go, move on to step 5.

  5. Pick up your Clear Quartz again and recite your intentions three times with certainty that you know you got this.  

Congrats, beautiful.  You rock! You’re all done, just remember to thank the universe for helping you sort it all out.

Full Moon

Time for a self-care party!! The Full Moon tends to bring closure, culmination, and clarity for us. It is also a time for releasing and cleansing. During the Full Moon, it’s a great idea to do monthly cleansing of your home. Some do this with a bit of sage, lavender, palo santo, frankincense & myrrh, whatever you got will work. Allow the smoke to go through your place making sure you cover all your doors and windows. Setting an intention for all that does not belong in your home to leave is a good way to go. It’s so easy to forget to do this consistently and sometimes the lingering energy of others (or even our bad moods) gets trapped in the place we lay our heads each night. By doing this on a Full Moon it will be much easier to remember. If you aren’t for smoke, try a sage spray to cleanse. Plus, while you are cleansing your space, feel free to leave your crystals on the windowsill to let the Full Moon clear them for you. Black Tourmaline is a game-changer during a Full Moon.  This little guy allows you to release and cleanse like no other.  Meditate with it or just place it on a chakra that feels a little congested.  After a few moments, I guarantee that you will feel light as a butterfly. Lastly, for me, I love to keep a low profile around the Full Moon. Sometimes I feel the energy of the world to be a bit heightened so I want to retreat while I see where all the cards will fall. Don’t be afraid to do this as well. Full Moon’s provide us with information we didn’t have before, and sometimes taking a bit of time to just absorb that information is all we need. So for the Full Moon, we put together a really powerful relief activity for you.  We are calling it, “Get Out”.

We are going to take a little trip down to the worst-case scenario spiral to help you unlock any blocks you might have and then use some black tourmaline to pull them away.  I promise it’s not as scary as it seems. Yes, you might get a little misty, but, this is the hard work you need to do, love, to get to your truest and best self. We’re here with you, rooting for you.  Let’s get started. You will need your Black Tourmaline, a cup filled with salted water, a pen and a piece of paper.

  1. Sit comfortably, with your legs out in front of you.  

  2. Next, hold your Black Tourmaline in your hands.  Place your cup of salted water within arm’s reach.

  3. Now, it’s time to ask yourself some questions.  Has anything been weighing on you lately? Or has anything been bothering you?  Pull that circumstance or issue to the front on your mind.  

  4. We are going to now scan your body to see if we can connect this weight you feel with a place in your body.  Starting from your feet up, try to locate where you might be holding the stress of this issue. If you can’t locate the first time, just try again to scan up and down your body until you locate where you are carrying this worry.

  5. Once you have found where it is, take a moment to answer the following questions.

    1. What’s the shape of this pressure, stress, weight or feeling?

    2. Does it have a color?

    3. Is it smooth or rough, jagged, sharp or bumpy?

    4. Does it have a smell?

    5. How big or small is it?

    6. Are there any more details you can think of to describe it?

  6. Now, that you have a good idea of where and what shape this worry is taking, we are going to symbolically remove it.  Locate the symbolic object you just described and place your piece of Black Tourmaline right over it. Gently ask your crystal to remove it for you.  Hold your crystal for as long as want.

  7. Lastly, when you are sure you got all the gunk, drop the Black Tourmaline into your cup of salted water.  Let it sit for a moment or two and gently and carefully pour it down the drain. Run some water to rinse it away.  

  8. As always, tell your crystal and the universe thanks for its support.


I love to think of the waning of the moon as an adjustment time. It’s right after the Full Moon so perhaps you have uncovered some new information or learned of some change happening in your life. This is when you would start processing all that you have learned and start to figure out how to integrate any new habits into your life. Journaling, downloading with friends and loved ones and taking some time to look within is great for when the moon is waning. It’s not the best time for pushing forward, it’s more about stepping into your feminine energy. You can take a breather and allow your higher self to connect with you. This is a great time for trying to develop the connection further. Work with your pendulum or cards. Do some automatic writing or plain old journaling, working to discover more about how you are processing the energy of the Full Moon. Explore your feelings. Dig into what you would love to let go of and start working a plan to start shedding behavior or habits that no longer serve you. That’s why working with Selenite is optimal.  Ask this light maker to help you continue to uncover all that is blocking you so you may for once and for all release it and step into your magic.

Ah, Selenite – the Liquid Light of the crystal world. Selenite always simply radiates with light high-frequency vibes that transform every vibe and aura around you. It is often used to charge other crystals, because it holds so much energy within, and it’s known for keeping low-frequency vibes away from your crystal sets. Besides the uses for this ritual, make sure that you will keep your Selenite Sticks close to your crystals so that they can never be polluted by low-frequency vibes. 

  1. Once you feel completely calm and relaxed, take your selenite stick into your dominant hand. 

  2. Close your eyes, and let the Selenite vibes overtake you. Feel its energy radiating all around you and within you. 

  3. Now, hold your arms upwards with your Selenite Stick, and begin making circular motions around your body with your dominant arm with the selenite stick. 

  4. Leave the other arm standing upwards. We recommend you do seven circles, but you can do three if it’s more convenient for you. Start from the top, and finish at the top. 

  5. Feel the energy of the waning getting channeled within you through your non-dominent arm. 

  6. Feel yourself getting disconnected from all the low-frequency vibes around you, and only the best, most amazing aspects of yourself are getting boosted by the high-frequency vibes. 

  7. Once you finish, both of your arms should be facing upwards. 

Bonus!  Using All Your Crystals Together Anytime!

  1. Start by repeating the activity you did with Selenite, making circular motions with your Selenite Stick around your body, allowing the energy to merge with your energy.  Next, slowly, bring down the Selenite Stick and touch all three of your other crystals in front of you. Now that you’re feeling all cleansed, clear and open, it’s time to work with the other three crystals together. As a reminder, the set of four crystals in front of you are very special:

Moonstone – Moonstone is great for focusing your intentions, clearing your mind of self-defeating thoughts and centering your spirit. 

Clear Quartz - This is the most versatile stone there is.  It helps to connect you more deeply with your higher self, intuition and all universal energy.  You can also program this lovely crystal with any intention you can think of. 

Black Tourmaline – The ultimate blockbuster, Black Tourmaline is known for helping us clear what no longer belongs to us. 

Selenite - The Liquid Light of the crystal world is there to help you keep all that you release away by bringing more light into your life. Let’s be real, habits are hard to break sometimes, but Selenite is the master habit breaker.

Feel the energy from all three crystals lining up, soothing you, energizing you, and pushing you forward to take the next important step into your life. Breathe deeply. Focus on the energy flowing through you. Now imagine yourself achieving the goals you laid out.  Imagine how you will feel when you have succeeded. Try to sit in this feeling as long as you can. Next holding each stone, recite the following, 3 times, out loud while holding each stone. 

  • Clear Quartz: I am a clear and open channel, allowing unconditional love to flow through me

  • Black Tourmaline: All that doesn’t belong to be is repealed and all that’s heavy leaves me.

  • Selenite: I am filled with light and love. 

  • Moonstone: I am powerful beyond measure and capable of manifesting more than my mind can imagine.

Now, tell the universe thank you for supporting and guiding you towards this goal.  Once you have expressed your gratitude, open your eyes. Carefully put your crystals back in their bag. Place the list with your intentions with your crystals. Anytime you feel down or out of it, repeat this activity until your goal is manifested.  

Amazing job, love!  

We cannot wait to hear how it all goes.

Loads of light and love,

Shereen & the My Little Magic Shop Team