Mini Crystal Charging and Cleansing Kit Guide

Mini Crystal Charging and Cleansing Kit Instructions

Hello Magic Maker!!

Are you ready to start charging and cleansing your crystals? Great! First, let’s see what’s included. Your Mini Crystal Charging and Cleansing Kit: All Your Crystal Charging And Cleansing Needs includes:

  • A Red Abalone Shell

  • A Selenite Charging Disk

  • One Mini White Sage Smudge Stick

  • One Bird Feather

  • One High Grade Clear Quartz Tumbled Stone

Now that you have everything in front of you, let’s get to cleansing and charging. It is important to cleanse our crystals because while they are making their way to you, they come in contact with a lot of people’s energy. There is nothing wrong with this as this has to happen to make it from our shop all the way to your home BUT before you start using your crystals or any crystal for that matter, you want to make sure you restore it to its normal state. This simply means freeing any energy it picked up along the way to you, from you or elsewhere. Think about it this way, don’t you feel a dry towel removes moisture from your skin after a shower than a wet one? Or, wouldn’t you rather soak in clean water than water that 5 other people just soaked in? And, think about a flashlight. If the flashlight is dusty, when you clean it’s face, doesn’t the light shine brighter? Crystals are the same. They are always working on something or someone. They are soaking up energy and pushing out energy. By restoring them to their natural and optimum state, they are able to perform more powerfully, quickly and efficiently. For this reason, we recommend cleansing your crystals after you use them or at least once a week when you use them in grids. Once you have cleansed your crystals, we recommend charging your crystals to further amplify their energy.

With that said, we have provided three ways for you to cleanse your crystals and one powerful way for you to charge your crystals. The first way to cleanse is quick and the second and third ways take a bit longer. The first is with Sage, your Abalone Shell and your Feather. The second is with your selenite charging disk and the third with your clear quartz. Please note that there are a ton of other ways to cleanse your crystals but these are some of our favorites. Let’s get started with each way to cleanse your crystals:

How to Cleanse Your Crystal?

1. Cleansing Your Crystals with Sage

We have provided you with a mini white sage smudge stick that was responsibly sourced as well as an Abalone shell so you don’t get any falling embers all over your floor and a feather to help direct the smoke. The first thing you want to do is create a cleansing space. This can be on your altar if you have one or just tabletop or counter with at least a 12x12 space with nothing else on it besides your tools and the crystals you are working to cleanse. Next, you want light your mini sage smudge stick. Allow the fire to burn the sage a bit, until you see parts of it glowing red. You can gently blow it out when you feel you have a good burn going. Once the fire is out, the smoke will start flowing steadily. Now, cleansing your own energetic field is an important part of the cleansing process. When you are ready, starting at the crown of your head, allow the smoke to pass over your body. You can do this by holding the stick close and using your feather to direct the smoke your way. Move down to your feet. Try to get your soles and the palms of your hand. Feel free to quietly chant, “I release all that does not belong to me” while working with the smoke. When you are finished cleansing your body, we can now move to the crystal. It might be easier to put your feather down so you have one hand to hold the crystal and the other to hold the sage. Holding your crystal in your non dominant hand, using your dominant hand to hold the sage, make circular motions around your crystal allowing all it’s faces to have the smoke pass by it. Ask for the crystal “to release all that does not belong to it and return to your natural state”. And that’s all. Your crystal is ready to be charged!

2. Cleansing Your Crystal with Selenite

Cleansing your crystal with selenite is surprisingly easy!! After using your crystals, simply place it on your charging plate and leave it there overnight. For added cleansing power, place it by your windowsill so the moonlight can touch it. This is a great way to cleanse if you use a crystal every day (crystal bracelet, pendulum, meditative crystal) and you want it to get a deep cleansing overnight. Feel free to ask for the crystal “to release all that does not belong to it and return to your natural state” right after you place it on the charging plate. The next morning, your crystal will be ready to be charged!

3. Cleansing Your Crystal with Clear Quartz

Similar to cleansing your crystal with Selenite, cleansing with clear quartz is the same. Simply place your crystal right next to your clear quartz so they are touching. For added cleansing power, place both crystals by your windowsill so the moonlight can touch it. Or, place both your crystal and your clear quartz next to each other on the Selenite Charging Plate. This will amplify the cleansing power. Again, feel free ask for the crystal “to release all that does not belong to it and return to your natural state” right after you place it next to the clear quartz. Our advice is to use this method overnight as well and charge your crystal the next morning.

How to Charge Your Crystal?

Charging your crystal is more or less infusing it with a specific intention. Crystals generally have their own intelligence and will work to balance your energy fields without much input from you as long as they are restored and in their natural state, not bogged down by any heavy energy. BUT, that doesn’t mean you can’t amplify their energy or even fine tune it. Plus, it’s sooo simple you will be shocked.

First, you simply pick a specific phase or word aligned with your intention. For instance, if you are looking to bring more abundance into your life you could pick something like “prosperity”, “abundance”, “All of my needs are met”, or “release lack from my energy field”.

Next, all you need to do is say your word or phrase directly into your crystal three times.

At this point, you can either place it on a part of your body attached to the energy you wish to pull to yourself or heal, add it to your crystal grid or put it on to wear. Charging your jewelry is always extra special. In the abundance example, if you could place it by your root chakra (the root represents our needs and safety) or in an abundance crystal grid.

Once your crystal has been charged, watch for the magic to happen. Feel free to charge it once a week or so until you have manifested what you intended.

Now you are all ready to get to charging and cleansing your crystals.

Get to it love and write us with any questions.

Thank you! Shereen & the My Little Magic Shop Team