Calm AF Kit For Anxiety Guide

Calm AF: An Anti Anxiety Crystal Calming Kit Instructions

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Hey there, Beautiful! We know. It’s a lot. Shit is real out there. You might feel like there is no end in sight and so much information is being thrown at you right now that processing it is feeling impossible. Listen, what you are feeling is okay. If you didn’t feel a little out of wack, helpless, frustrated or freaked out af, then we would think something was wrong with you. Lol. It is completely okay to be in your feelings for a bit. It’s even more okay to acknowledge that you feel how you feel. It is NOT okay to stuff those feeling down or pretend they do not exist so first, we want to give you a giant virtual hug. Second, you rock for embarking on this journey of finding new ways to tackle these emotions in a healthy way. With that said, let’s start getting calm af.

Your Kit includes a Larvikite Bracelet, a Tumbled Amethyst Crystal, a Palo Santo Stick and a piece of Selenite in this kit.  By clicking here, you will find more information about each item, a few ways for you to use it when you need to calm the f down and the best scenarios for when to use it.  Also, we’ve put together a super-powerful calming ritual if you need a super dose and have to use all the things. Enjoy the ride! Chat us over at if you have questions. 

The Calm AF: Anti-Anxiety Crystal Calming Kit includes: 

  • a Larvikite Bead Bracelet to keep you grounded throughout the day

  • a Tumbled Amethyst Crystal to encourage peaceful sleep

  • a stick of sustainably sourced Palo Santo to cleanse your space and spirit

  • a piece of Selenite, liquid light, to add peaceful vibes to your working space
    Plus our founder, a Reiki Master Teacher, has added some Reiki Healing Energy to every single kit boosting its calming possibilities! Get yours now!

Print the PDF by clicking here.