I Am Safe Kit Guide

I Am Safe Kit: Crystals & Candles to Promote Protection Instructions

Hello Magic Maker!

I would definitely start with lighting your sage to cleanse your space. Next, you can do a short meditation, by simply focusing on your breath and relaxing. You can start at the crown of your head and move your way down to your toes, gently relaxing each muscle. Once you are good and relaxed, then light your candle. Ask for your mind, body and space to be cleansed and protected with light and love. We included a few different crystals so you can make a few grid configurations. You can use the Fluorite Pyramid, Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli or Black Onyx for your focal crystal in the grid. I would hold it for a few moments focusing on what you want to let go of. Regardless if it’s a person, situation or circumstance that you are seeking safety from, in the end, we are the ones responsible for attracting that energy to us. Of course this is a hard pill to swallow, but once we understand this then we can take the steps to sever ties with that energy. Often, circumstances come to us to learn something about ourselves. It’s in this realization of the lesson (and sometimes the lesson is simply about letting go), that we gain our power back. So what you want to think about is letting go or even cutting the cord of energy tying you to this situation, person or circumstance. You want to do this from a place of love, though. Tell the situation, person or circumstance, thank you for the opportunity to grow into your power and you have learned all that you need to, and you are releasing it and letting it go. You can imagine cutting a cord from while you are holding your crystal. Once you feel ready, you can place it in the center of your grid, then place the crystal points, pointing away from the center crystal around your main crystal. Take a few moments solidifying your intention to release anything tying you to whatever you are working to protect yourself from. Then, ask the grid to help you to stay grounded in your power and to protect you from pulling that back to you. Then, you are pretty much all done. You can keep this grid as long as you want, just make sure to cleanse your crystals every so often and then re-charge your intention to the grid when you feel the power dwindling. You can swap out the center crystal however you feel. You can also carry any of the other crystals whenever you want or sleep with them for further healing. Lastly, the jewelry is for your to wear to keep your grounded. The Shungite is also amazing because it helps with EMF and the Black Tourmaline is lovely because it pulls yucky energy from us as well as blocks what’s not ours to begin with. If you use any of the crystal directly on your body for healing, the selenite stick is great for after you move the crystal off to super cleanse and seal the space. For instance, if you place the Lapis on your throat to help you with speaking your truth and balancing your throat chakra, after you leave it on for a few minutes, remove and then take the selenite wand and just wave it around the throat chakra to seal.

I know this was a whole lot, so please ask me any questions you have. I’m happy to help in anyway you need.

Shungite Elastic Bracelet- Shungite is a beautiful black stone that is said to be around two billion years old. Don the bracelet for the richness of healing and protection.

Double Terminated Black Tourmaline Point Necklace- A bold black necklace, inlaid with seven different chakras. The pendant repels negative energy whilst promoting health and protection.

Selenite Stick Wand- Wave it over your head, in the same way, that you would do with a stick of burning sage and let the wand do its magic of cleansing your aura.

White Sage Hem Incense Cones- Use this special ingredient and no smudging ritual will ever be the same.

Organza Bag- Store both your work essentials and your other items from the kit in this soft and minimalistic bag. Feel the reminiscence of fond memories grow upon you.

Protection Soy Herbal Filled Votive- A wonderfully scented candle, perfect for when you want to get in touch with your sacred space and enlighten your journey. Burns for up to 18 hours.

Printed Cotton Crystal Grid - Seed of Life: Display your most precious gemstones on this cotton grid that was designed with utmost precision and eloquence.

Fluorite Pyramid- Fluorite pyramids serve as protection of your mind during your sleep. They ward off negative energies that can cause bad dreams and negative vibes.

Clear Quartz Points- Clear Quartz Points are powerful crystals that elicit a vibrant white light. They cleanse a room of any negative or unwanted energies by absorbing it all.

Tumbled Labradorite- A gemstone with a nice polish and a beautiful shine. This Labradorite is said to enhance wisdom, give you the patience required to achieve your dreams and reach fulfillment.

Tumbled Lapis Lazuli- Lapis Lazuli is a very sought after the stone that is said to bring inner peace and freedom from negative thoughts. It is a stone of reflection and total awareness.

Tumbled Black Onyx- A gemstone that boasts a bold and polished black body. A powerful healing stone that transforms negative energy, and helps to prevent the drain of personal energy.


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