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I Am Fruitful Kit: Crystals & Candles to Promote Fertility Instructions

Hello Magic Maker!

We are so happy that you are finally taking that step forward in your life! Now that it’s time to create your own damn magic, it’s time to attract the magic that you have been giving out with our I Am Fruitful Kit. Are you ready to attract abundant, fruitful energy in your life? Let’s get started:

In life, we all want a little more. More love, joy, knowledge, or wealth. It’s in our nature to strive for more and become better versions of ourselves because there lies that sense of personal fulfillment. However, in the busy lifestyles, we lead sometimes achieving these goals is very hard. You want to love yourself more deeply, but you get home from work so overworked and drained, that you go to bed immediately, instead of devoting time for yourself. You want to devote more time to your family and personal life, but there simply isn’t enough time. You want to create a magical, beautiful life for yourself and your closest loved ones, you want to devote yourself to create magic and to perhaps also create a life, but things haven’t been going your way lately. We’ve all been in all of these scenarios, and we understand that it’s very harsh when reality settles in, and you just can’t seem to budge forward. We’ve been there, and our magic was diminished too. But, much like you - we never gave up on creating our own damn magic! That’s why we created this kit, to help others manifest fertility, love and empathy of any kind, just like we manifested ours! So get ready for some magic making! These crystals can be used in many ways, you can use each crystal individually in turn in your meditation sessions, or you can use them all together. Whichever way you choose, it’s important to do what feels right for you. However, if you have no idea where to start, you are lacking inspiration at the moment, or you simply want us to reveal how we created our own damn magic and manifested our magic then we have included instructions for our most magical fertility ritual! Let’s get started:

 Every ritual should start on a clean slate! This is why we always like to do a little atmosphere setting and removing those pesky low-frequency vibes away from the space we work in. And not only the space but also the tools! Although we charge our tools with Healing Reiki Energy to help you have the most magical and successful rituals, during shipping and handling some low-frequency vibes might float around. Now, clear up space before you, and place your tools from the kit in front of you. Take a few deep breaths to calm yourself down. Take your Palo Santo Cones, and light it up to begin cleansing your magic-making space. We have chosen a Palo Santo Cone because they have an amazing smell that simply radiates with positive vibes, and it’s perfect to set up any ritual because it’s made from a sacred tree that cleanses and dispels any negative vibes. Take a few deep breaths, and then by waving your hand bring the smoke over the space you will be working in, over yourself, and over the tools that you will be working with. Once you are done, place your Palo Santo Cone down, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

Now that you are all calmed down, and you are focused take each crystal into your palm. Feel the energy radiating from the crystal in your hand. At first, it will be like a slight tingling sensation on your hand, moving upwards, and through your full body. Familiarize yourself with the healing frequency of each crystal. Then place it back. Once you finish this process with all the crystals and tools, take the Selenite Wand and move the wand from the bottom towards the top of each crystal. Repeat this motion three times, before you go to the next crystal. Selenite is known as liquid light in the crystal world and it’s the perfect crystal to re-charge and enhances the frequencies of healing crystals. It’s also perfect for supercharging your crystals with light, high-frequency energy which is perfect for attracting abundance.

Now that you have finished enhancing the energy of the crystals, it’s time to enhance your own frequency. Take your Selenite Wand, and close your eyes. Visualize yourself, sitting in an empty space. Visualize light threads connected to you. They can be thin, or thick and they vary in sizes and numbers. Now, hold your Selenite stick with both arms, and from below your belly make a slow line upwards, until you reach the top of your head, and then continue stretching your hands upwards above you. Make sure you keep your eyes closed. As you make that movement, visualize the light threads getting a little thicker, emitting more energy. Then, hold your hands to the sides, and gently place them on your belly again. Never return your hands from upwards, down - always go into a position for repeating this movement by splitting your arms to the sides, making a circle with each arm until you reach your belly. Then repeat the same motion several times until the light of the threads lights up the darkness.

Close your eyes and focus on your goal. Visualize your intention. Feel the energy coming and going, bringing and attracting abundance on your way. See yourself healthy, prosperous, and fertile. Then open your eyes, and light your Mother candle.

Now that you are radiating with high-frequency vibes, you have set your intention and negative vibes from your home or around you cleared up, it’s time to manifest abundance and prosperity into your life. To do this, lay down and place the crystals in the following order:

Start off with your Selenite stick. Known as Liquid Light, Selenite will help you to combine the energy of all the crystals into one specific goal - attracting abundance and prosperity. Place the Selenite Stick above your head, and take a few deep breaths. Visualize its light energy going through your head, shoulders, arms, chest, abdomen, and legs. Let it overtake every part of your body, clearing up any blockages that might be holding you off from attracting fertile and fruitful energy.

Then, continue with Rose Quartz. Place it on your chest and take a few deep breaths. We have chosen Rose Quartz because it’s one of the best crystals that helps for maintaining emotional well-being and attracting love. Visualize its energy going through your head, shoulders, arms, chest, abdomen, and legs. Let it overtake every part of your body, filling it with serene, soothing energy that will reassure you that love and fertility of every kind are coming your way.

Then place Rhodonite below your chest. Take a few deep breaths. We have chosen Rhodonite because it’s perfect for enhancing love, romance, and harmony. Visualize its energy going through your head, shoulders, arms, chest, abdomen, and legs. Let it overtake every part of your body, filling it with high-frequency energy that will shake your body to its core, revealing new paths for manifesting your own magic.

Now, place Carnelian on your belly and take a few more deep breaths. Its joyful vibes will fill you with creativity, allowing you to get inspired with new ideas, inner drive and personal will for achieving your goals. By stimulating the sacral chakra, it will also enhance passion and sexual drive. Visualize its energy going through your head, shoulders, arms, chest, abdomen, and legs. Let it overtake every part of your body, breaking you free from any blockages keeping you away from your magic.

Then place the Fluorite Tumbled crystal on your forehead, and take a few more deep breaths. Fluorite is an amazing energy balancer and harmonizer, attracting wellbeing, wisdom and inner harmony. Visualize its energy going through your head, shoulders, arms, chest, abdomen, and legs. Let it overtake every part of your body, breaking you free from any blockages keeping you away from your magic.

Now, take your Aventurine Tumbled stone in your left hand to enhance the inner feminine energy, and take your Ruby Zoisite stone in your right arm to close off the grid. Take deep calming breaths and focus on the energy this action has brought, to all the sensations and emotions that you feel.

Then, finally take Rainbow Moonstone and place it 2 inches above your head. Take a few deep breaths. Let it draw fertile, passionate energy from the Universe and bring it your way. Visualize the energy flowing from the Universe, finding it’s way towards you. With this the human crystal grid for fertility is complete. Focus on how the last piece is energizing the whole grid. Feel the energy of the grid and the crystals and take deep breaths allowing yourself to be healed.

Let yourself be properly balanced, and take deep breaths. When you finish the ritual, diminish the light of the candle with your fingers, not by blowing it out! Then, place your Chinese Jade Bracelet on your left arm, and wear it every day to continue attracting positive, fruitful energy in your life.


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