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Your April 2022 Monthly Horoscope

Dear Magic Makers,

April opens up with a powerful New Moon in Aries, a highly charged moment that supports new initiatives. We’re receiving a boost of energy for self-expression and self-confidence: on the 1st of April, it’s time to get in touch with our instincts and to set intentions with the courage that we can create the life we desire. The New Moon brings strength, but it can also trigger wounds linked to our identity and our voice: the Sun and the Moon’s conjunction with wounded healer Chiron asks us to find the healing potential in any challenge that might arise. The focus is on speaking our truth and believing in our right to assert ourselves.On the 4th, fiery Mars meets up with steady Saturn in Aquarius, supporting community projects and innovative ideas while also asking for an extra dose of patience and diligence. Even if Mars in Aquarius can tempt us to risk it all at once, this grounding aspect reminds us that a good strategy is essential.

Starting from the 5th, love goddess Venus enters dreamy Pisces, marking the start of a month when our aesthetic sensitivity will be awakened and our relationships will bloom with the help of gentleness and compassion. This week also brings powerful aspects with the Lunar Nodes: we can feel motivated to make a change, to step forward in alignment with our destiny, and we might get the chance to do so…but we can also receive a reminder that we can’t rush the process.The month unfolds with one of the most important weeks of the year. Around the 11th, when Saturn squares the Moon’s Nodes, we could be prone to apathy, pessimism, or putting too much pressure on ourselves: it’s a good time to assess the limitations that we’re working with and to keep hope, avoiding the extremes of giving up completely or pushing ourselves too hard. In contrast, the 12th brings a beautiful conjunction between generous Jupiter and otherworldly Neptune, a rare event that supports creative and spiritual endeavors, opening the doors of our perception and inspiring us to see beyond appearances. As a challenge, it’s good to stay aware of unrealistic hopes and to avoid believing in false promises. Together, these two aspects show that the first part of April can open up extraordinary doors for us, but that we’re required to believe if we’re usually skeptical, to keep our feet on the ground if we tend to oscillate too much, and to be patient with the manifestation process.

During this same week, on the 14th, Mars, the planet of action and confidence, enters Pisces, the sign of the dreamer, the poet, and the mystic. It’s an unlikely combo that can lower our energy levels, but heighten our intuition and our compassion for the next month and a half. This transit supports charitable actions, creative projects, and a fluid, adaptable way of pursuing what we desire.

On the 16th, the Libra Full Moon brings the culmination of what has started in our lives six months ago in the area of relationships, partnerships, and contracts. In tense aspects with gritty Pluto and flowing aspects with steady Saturn, this is a transformative Moon that can bring relationship changes, whether they’re in a form of a higher level of commitment, a separation, or a conflict that helps us reestablish fair boundaries.The following week can amp up the tension as Mercury, the planet of thinking and communication, meets up with electric Uranus in Taurus on the 18th. On the bright side, it’s a great time for new ideas, especially in work or finances.

We’re less likely to tolerate limitations to our freedom of expression and we can have the opportunity to strike up a fruitful partnership or to meet like-minded people. As a challenge, the same day brings a tense aspect between the Sun and transformative Pluto, a moment that can amplify existing tensions, power struggles, or fears, tempting us to act from our shadow side; it’s ideal to stay mindful of our reactions and motivations.As the Sun enters Taurus on the 19th, the week’s energies can either be destructive or powerfully creative, depending on our decisions. Taurus season supports us to ground the projects that we’ve initiated when the Sun was in Aries: patience, perseverance, and a strong material focus are key traits for this stable Earth sign.

We’re entering a time frame that supports us to get organized, focus on what we can control, and nurture pleasure and appreciation for our skills and resources. As Mercury conjuncts the North Node on the 23rd, we can meet new people, learn information, or receive opportunities for communication-based projects that can help us move forward on our path.Finally, the last week of April packs a punch: Pluto stations toward retrograde on the 25th, marking the start of a couple of weeks when we’ll process heavy themes and uncover secrets or past wounds, while the first Eclipse of the year takes place in Taurus on the 30th. Pluto retrogrades on the 29th, supporting us to go within and befriend both our strongest desires and our deepest fears. Close to Uranus, the planet of innovation, the New Moon Eclipse can mark a new financial or professional start, a surprising change that supports us to align with our path and embrace abundance. Venus, the planet of love and prosperity, conjuncts ethereal Neptune on the 27th and lucky Jupiter on the 30th, contributing to the highly charged cosmic context with a dose of faith and idealism.

Whether we’re going through a financial, professional, or relationship change at this time, it can feel deeply fated and transformative; even if it’s temporarily uncomfortable, it can bring growth in the long term. Faith, compassion, and inspiration can be our best allies during the upcoming Eclipse season.How will this packed month play out for you?Read below for your Sun Sign and Ascendant to find out…
Read below for your Sun Sign or Ascendant to find out…

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