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Corporate Sessions

Corporate Conscious Wellness

New Yorkers work only slightly harder than they play. However, often, they have so much going on that they forget to take a pause and focus on their own self care. This can cause them to easily burn the candle at both ends, which everyone knows leads to fatigue, exhaustion and increased anxiety. This is not good personally or professionally.

Did you know that employees that participate in some sort of self care on a consistent basis are more focused, goal orientated and efficient? That they take less sick days and are more productive? And, that they less likely to deal with anxiety or chronic fatigue? The reason for this is making self care a priority. When self care becomes a priority, employees know how take a pause, manage their emotions, set goals and become more mindful. For this reason, My Little Magic Shop offers workplace wellness packages and corporate event programs that focus on helping your team feel at their best while doing the work they love.

Corporate Culture is ever changing. Employees need to be part of a team and company that both nourish their wellbeing. We will work with you to integrate wellness and self care into your workplace with personalized programming, workshops, and services. Our magical practitioners will come to you. Contact our founder Shereen Campbell for more information or a customized consultation: