Chakra Kit Guide

How to use the Chakra Balancing Kit

What Are Crystals Exactly?

Crystals are different minerals extracted from the earth. Each crystal radiates with a different energy frequency, and those energy frequencies of the crystals are often used in crystal healing. By connecting with your crystals, allowing the energy frequencies of the crystals to interact with your own life energy, the crystals can improve the flow of life energy in your body, increase the vibes you send off into the universe, dissolve and heal energy blockages in your body, cleanse and remove low-frequency vibes as well as offer protection from low-frequency vibes. The possibilities with crystal healing are endless because when you combine the frequencies of different crystals in crystal grids, you can find a solution to any issue. 

How Do You Use Crystals?

The most important thing to remember is that every crystal has its own energy frequency. To use crystals successfully, you first have to study each crystal's properties. But, with so many crystals around it is very difficult to learn all their properties, energy frequencies, and uses, as well as how to combine crystals. That is why we created this magical crystal healing box just for you! We want to help you learn all there is to know about crystal healing, individual crystals, and how crystals can interact with each other, as well as how they interact with you. Through learning about each crystal individually, you will soon become an awesome crystal healer, and you will attain a vast collection of crystals to help you heal and balance yourself!

So, how can you use the crystals of this month’s box? We got you! Let’s learn about Black Tourmaline first.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline has one of the most complex compositions of the crystals in the crystal world. Tourmaline is its own mineral family with different types of tourmaline crystals – because of the complexity of their composition. It’s widely spread through all continents, which is why we can find black tourmaline in every corner of the earth, even from ancient times.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Black Tourmaline?

In the crystal world, Black Tourmaline is known as the Protector. It is a crystal that has strong protective and cleansing abilities. Armed with high-frequencies that gently dissolve negative vibes, Black Tourmaline acts as a shield from which negative vibes simply bounce away. It’s a stone that was often used in shamanic work because it protects from outside interference during rituals. It has strong purifying abilities that make it a simply must-have – especially when living in a toxic environment, where you feel like negative vibes often overtake you and you are feeling emotionally drained. Shereen calls is a vacuum, as it sucks out the gunk leaving room for light!

How To Use Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline has a lot of uses, and here are some of them:

Cleansing Rituals – Whenever you work on cleansing yourself or your home, it’s important to not only remove the vibes from yourself/your home but also release them, so that they don’t cause more issues after your rituals. To make sure you are always safely removing negative vibes, keep a black tourmaline near you. You can also use the black tourmaline crystals to lock out any negative vibes after you finish a cleansing ritual.

Protecting Your Home – By placing four pieces of black tourmaline in the corners of your home, you can create a powerful energy shield around your home to make sure any negative vibes that are lurking around your home, stay out for good.

Taking Care Of Crystals - Because of its immense cleansing and balancing potential, you can also use Black Tourmaline as a crystal to keep your other crystals healthy and away from negative vibes. Simply keeping Black Tourmaline with your other crystal will do the trick!

Besides these uses, we also want you to hold your Black Tourmaline in your hands before balancing your chakras, and take deep calming breaths. Focus on its energy, enhancing with each breath you take, gently dissolving any blocks that might prevent you from balancing your chakras. If you find there is one particular area of your body that feels tense or tight, hold your Black Tourmaline there for a few moments. Ask that the stone remove anything dense so you can let the light in. Remember to breathe. Whenever you feel ready open your eyes and start with the chakra balancing ritual:

Crystals For Balancing Your Chakras

We have included seven crystals to help you re-balance your chakras, and find inner balance and harmony. First, let’s learn about chakras.

What Are Chakras And How Can Crystals Balance Them?

The seven chakras represent the seven energy centers in your body. Placed in a vertical line along the length of your spine, each chakra has a different function in your life. When your chakras are balanced, no matter what storm comes in your life - you will always endure it. 

By emitting energies on similar frequencies, crystals can help you to connect to your chakras and improve the flow of energy, leading to a balance of the chakras. And, when your chakras are balanced - balance is achieved in every aspect of your life.

How To Use The Chakra Crystals For Balancing Your Chakras

This set of chakra crystals is best used when you lay down and you place the crystals on your body, close to the chakra centers. Then through visualization and focus on connecting on the energies of the crystals, your chakras will be stimulated, their energy flow improved and re-energized and all energy blocks will gently dissolve. Here is how to use your chakra crystals in order:

Magnetic Hematite - The Grounding Stone. Hematite gives off intense, strong energy frequencies that will help you to ground yourself and see things from another, more realistic perspective. Excellent for connecting with your Root Chakra - the center of balance and stability in your life. Lay down, and place Hematite below your belly button, at the lowest part of your body, close to the pelvic bone. Take a few breaths, and focus on feeling its energy. Think about being grounded to the earth, being safe and protected. When you are ready, continue with the next crystal.

Red Jasper - The most vibrant crystal in the crystal world. Filled with life energy, Red Jasper gives off sheer power and energy. Best known for connecting with the Sacral Chakra - the center of enjoyment and creativity. Place Red Jasper below your belly button. Focus on connecting with your creativity, sensuality and passions in life. If it helps, think of an activity that brings you pleasure. Take a few breaths, and focus on feeling its energy. When you are ready, continue with the next crystal.

Citrine - The Shining Sunstone of the crystal world. Citrine is known as an energy booster, helping you to radiate with willpower- helping you connect with your Solar Plexus Chakra which is the center of personal power and confidence. Think about the last time you truly felt connected to your ability to accomplish your dreams. Place Citrine above your belly button. Take a few breaths, and focus on feeling its energy. When you are ready, continue with the next crystal.

Aventurine - Is your lucky charm. Aventurine has playful and joyful vibes that will leave you giddy, happy, and loving. Best known for its connection to the Heart Chakra - the center of infinite love. Place Aventurine on your chest close to your heart. Recall the last time your heart felt wide and open when you loved freely and simply. Take a few breaths, and focus on feeling its energy. When you are ready, continue with the next crystal.

Sodalite - The Zen Master of the crystal world. Sodalite is best known for radiating with tranquility helping you to connect with the Throat Chakra - the center that lets the other chakras be expressed. Place Sodalite on your throat. Think about the last time you expressed your truth with confidence and love. Take a few breaths, and focus on feeling its energy. When you are ready, continue with the next crystal.

Amethyst - The bridge to the Divine aspects of yourself. Amethyst is best known for relaxing and soothing energy frequencies that connect with your Third Eye Chakra - the center of intuition and all aspects of yourself. Place Amethyst between your eyebrows, right on your third eye. Bring to your memory the last time you felt inspired or completely in tune with yourself. Take a few breaths, and focus on feeling its energy. When you are ready, continue with the next crystal.

Clear Quartz - The Master Healer of the crystal world, known for its serene, peaceful energy frequencies that amplify and connect to the Crown Chakra - the energy center that is responsible for your perception of the world. Place Clear Quartz above your head, touching it. Think about the last time you felt one with the universe, connected with all there is. Take a few breaths, and focus on feeling its energy. 

Now, that all crystals all lined up, take a few deep calming breaths, and focus on feeling the energy of the crystals. Breathe in and out. Then start focusing on each crystal and chakra individually starting from the Root Chakra upwards. Visualize that your crystal is gently sucking up any gunk trapped in the Root chakra and pushing in positive and healing energy. Visualize that the energy of that chakra is radiating brilliant with brightness and is completely healed.

Then repeat the same process with each chakra in order: Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and finally the Crown. Then visualize your body shimmering; bright, radiating with energy, flowing free, natural, beautiful, and radiant in your body. Take deep deep breaths. 

Once you are done, express your gratitude to your crystal friends and then gently remove each crystal from your body. Place the Black Tourmaline with your crystals or carry it with you to protect and enhance the balance you just created and thank the Universe for the beautiful healing energy it sent you!

We hope you enjoyed this activity. Be sure to learn more about all your crystals by checking out the crystal dictionary below. We will be posting so many more ways you can use them in the future. Stay tuned.


Dragana & the My Little Magic Shop Team