A Little New Moon Wish Guide

A Little New Moon Wish Guide

New Moon Magic - Spell for Manifesting During a New Moon

As we approach the next New Moon, we want you to be ready to use the energy to manifest some of your dreams!  Just as farmers used the phases of the moon to guide their farm chores, Astrologers believe this is an optimum time to do the same for your goals.  Ancient farmers believed that when they followed the cycles of the moon, they would produce the best crops, so they planted during a New Moon. This is because the moon governs moisture (including tides) on earth and during a New Moon, the ground becomes wet and fertile.  It is the optimum time to plant ensuring their seeds had moisture and support it needed. Astrologers today still utilize this same thought process, except it is applied life. A new moon in Astrology is the time for planting seeds for the future (otherwise known as intentions).  The moments and days following the New Moon are regarded as the optimum time period for sharing any desires, needs or changes you want to unfold in your life with the universe. It is also common that new people, events or opportunities will arise around this time for you. This is why it is especially important that you must not only hold an image or vision of what you want to manifest in your life, you must also make it known, holding steadfast to the knowing it will come.  The energy of the New Moon will nourish this goal of yours.

Here is a simple new moon exercise so that you may take full advantage of any New Moon.

New Moon Exercise:

Materials Required:
White Candle


1. Sit or lay in a quiet place, some place you will not be disturbed for at least 15 minutes.  Light the provided incense to help set the mood and cleanse the energy around you.

2. Take 5 deep breaths, inhaling to the count of 3 and exhaling to the count of 3.

3. If you feel relaxed, move to the next step.  If not, repeat step 2 until you feel calm.

4. Close your eyes and recall an area of life that is causing you stress or that you feel like there is a lot of focus in your life right now.

5. Once you have settled on an area of life, start to think about if that issue was to spontaneously be solved, what would it look like.  How would you feel? What changes would have been made in your life?

6. Translate those changes into affirmations and write them down.  An example of this would be: your lease is up, you have been looking for places for a while, but have yet to find one.  The clock is ticking, this makes you anxious. If the issue were solved, you would be signing a lease to fabulous new place and packing your furniture up.  The affirmations you would write are: I will find the perfect apartment for me before my lease is up. I can comfortably afford this new apartment. I will enjoy the process of finding this apartment.

7. Hold your white candle while concentrating on the how you would feel when your issue is settled.  If feelings of frustration or anxiety come up, gently push them aside and refocus to how happy you will be when everything is sorted out.

8.  Feel free to carve your name and your sign into the candle.  Still holding the candle, read the affirmations you wrote down out loud.  

9.  Cover your candle with the provided oil followed by the provided glitter.  Once your candle is dressed, you can light it and repeat these affirmations again, out loud.

10.  Express gratitude for the universe for delivering these intentions.

11. Put these affirmations somewhere handy.  Anytime you feel anxious, read them aloud.

12. Believe.  You desires will be granted.

Slay this New Moon, beauty.




New Moon Focus by House:

If you know where the New Moon will fall in your natal chart, see below for more details on where to focus your energy.

  • 1st House: This New Moon represents the beginning of a brand new cycle!  You now have the gift of to manifest your desires for the upcoming year.

  • 2nd House: This New Moon brings focus to your earned income and value system sector.

  • 3rd House: This New Moon brings focus to your siblings, short distance travel, contracts and communication sector.

  • 4th House: This New Moon brings focus to your home and family life.

  • 5th House: This New Moon brings focus to your dating, creativity and children sector.

  • 6th House: This New Moon brings focus to your work, coworker, health goals and habits sector.

  • 7th House: This New Moon brings focus to your long term marriage or business relationship.

  • 8th House: This New Moon brings focus to your debt, loans, inheritance, sex and transformation house.  

  • 9th House: This New Moon brings focus to your higher education, foreign travel, publishing, legal affairs and belief systems section.   

  • 10th House: This New Moon brings focus to your career.  

  • 11th House: This New Moon brings focus to your social circle and network.

  • 12th House: This New Moon brings a focus to your unconscious and subconscious life.  

If you don’t know where the New Moon will fall in your chart, email us at shereen@mylittlemagicshop.com with your birthday, place and time, and our resident Astrologer will let you know.