Pentacle Pendulum Mat

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Are you seeking answers?

Are you unsure what the next step in your life should be?
Then you need a Pendulum Mat!

  • This Pendulum Mat is carefully embroidered, each stitch is made with absolute attention so you can get all the answers that you need.

  • Strategically placed, all the answers are written on your Pendulum Mat. And paired up with your pendulum, all the answers that you need are within your grasp.

  • All you need to do is to ask and see what answer the Pendulum Mat holds for you.

  • Taking things into your own hands and determining what you are going to do with your life next is easy when you have the perfect couple.

  • Just pair up your Pendulum along with your Pendulum Mat and you are ready to learn all the answers to the questions that you have!

Ask away and create your own damn magic!

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