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Use these wooden crystal grids to create the most magical crystal grid! Pick from the Flower of Life, Seed of Life, Celtic Cross or Lotus. They measure 5.75 inches in diameter.

Wooden Carved Crystal Grid Lotus

  • A lotus flower, laser carved with a flower of life pattern onto a beautiful wooden charging disk. You can place your crystals and gemstones on this powerful grid to energize and empower your stones and surroundings with a specific intention.

  • Placing crystals in a geometric pattern can be more powerful than simply using a single crystal, as it helps to direct energy towards your goal.


  • The lotus is a symbol of purity, peace, beauty, rebirth and fertility. It is considered to be of divine origin, the lotus rising above the water is an inspiration to reach enlightenment. The "Flower of Life" comes from the sacred geometry; the pattern can be found in all major religions of the world. It contains the blueprint for all creation, which is the result of the "Great Void."

Wooden Carved Celtic Pentacle Crystal Grid representing

  • protection,

  • infinity

  • unity.

  • Place your crystals upon this pattern of the Trinity and Pentacle, a powerful grid, to energize and empower your stones.

  • Not only can you energize your stones, this grid will also aid in empowering your space and to direct energy to your intended goal.

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