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Unlock the magic of the astrology and discover your unique path with private astrology lessons with Shereen. As an experienced Astrologer, Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, Certified Crystal Healer and Timeline healer, Shereen brings over 16 years of experience to help you understand the language of the cosmos and gain insights into your inner self.

Through these 8 sessions, Shereen will teach you how to read your own natal chart and understand the unique patterns and energies that shape your life. You'll learn about the planets, signs, houses, and aspects and how they work together to influence your personality, relationships, and life events.

Each session is personalized to your needs and interests and includes in-depth discussions, practical exercises, and customized resources. You'll also receive a recording of each session to review and reflect on later.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced astrologer looking to deepen your knowledge and practice, these private lessons are designed to empower and inspire you to live your best life. The investment for 8 sessions is only $1,111, and the sessions can be conducted over the phone or zoom.

Take the first step in unlocking the secrets of astrology and book your private astrology lessons with Shereen today.

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