The African Goddess Rising Pocket Oracle by Abiola Abrams

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The African Goddess Rising Oracle – Embrace the Wisdom and Power of the Divine Feminine

Journey through the rich tapestry of African spirituality with The African Goddess Rising Oracle. This empowering deck celebrates the divine feminine energies, wisdom, and strength found in African goddesses, ancestors, and spiritual guides, offering guidance, inspiration, and empowerment to all who seek their counsel.

Product Features:

• Cultural Oracle Deck: A beautifully crafted deck that honors the sacred feminine wisdom of Africa, connecting you with the powerful energies and stories of African goddesses and spiritual figures.
• Vibrant Imagery: Each card features stunning artwork that captures the essence and symbolism of the African goddesses, inspiring reverence, and connection to their powerful energies.
• Insightful Guidebook: Accompanied by an insightful guidebook, providing interpretations for each card, background on the goddesses and figures featured, and suggestions for integrating their wisdom into your life.


• Cultural Connection and Empowerment: Connect with the rich spiritual heritage of Africa, drawing on the strength, resilience, and wisdom of its goddesses and spiritual guides.
• Guidance and Inspiration: Receive messages of empowerment, healing, and guidance that resonate with your soul, fostering personal growth and spiritual awakening.
• Celebration of the Divine Feminine: Embrace the divine feminine energies within and around you, tapping into the nurturing, creative, and transformative power of the goddesses.

Why Choose The African Goddess Rising Oracle?

• For Seekers and Healers: Whether you’re looking to deepen your spiritual practice, explore African spirituality, or connect with the divine feminine, this deck offers a profound source of guidance and inspiration.
• A Tribute to Ancestral Wisdom: Experience the powerful presence and nurturing energy of the African goddesses and spiritual figures, bringing a sense of heritage, empowerment, and purpose to your journey.
• Crafted with Reverence: Each card is a tribute to the divine feminine, created with intention and respect for the cultural and spiritual traditions it represents.

Embark on a transformative journey with The African Goddess Rising Oracle. Let this deck be your guide as you explore the depths of the divine feminine, receiving the blessings, teachings, and empowerment of the goddesses and spiritual guides who have nurtured and inspired generations.

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