Fluorite Tumbled Stone

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-Are you in need of a creative boost?
-Maybe you want to free yourself from the limits that were imposed on you since birth?
-Are you ready to bring harmony into chaos?

Because Fluorite is here to help you!

Fluorite - the Rainbow Breaker of Chains of the crystal world. There is no crystal that radiates with calming energy quite like Fluorite. If you need a companion for your crystal healing sessions, then all you need to know is Rainbow Fluorites meaning to know that you have truly found the perfect one! Not only is it good for healing on a spiritual level, but you can also use Fluorite for keeping your body, mind, and spirit in perfect balance and health. By acting as an immune stimulator, Fluorite will diminish all health issues.

If you are looking to grow in all aspects of yourself and rise above everything you ever thought you could become, then truly there is no other crystal that can do a better job. Once you program your Fluorite with your intentions, you will start your magnificent journey by going beyond the limits that were imposed on you since birth. You will see the endless possibilities and not only strive to manifest your current dreams, but you will also start having dreams you never believed existed!

Fluorite gives off a serene, peaceful frequency that will overwhelm you and help you to restore balance in all aspects of yourself. When it comes to the chakras, Fluorite is best used for balancing the Third Eye Chakra.

Awaken your magic with the power of Fluorite!

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