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Malachite Healing Properties Malachite absorbs negative energy and pollutants, lifting them from the atmosphere and the body. Guard against radiation and clear electromagnetic pollution. Malachite cleanses and activates chakras and intestines for spiritual guidance.

Malachite - the Amazing Transformer of Vibes of the crystal world. No crystal radiates with an energy quite like Malachite. It’s a unique energy signature and gives off powerful protective frequencies which are why Malachite is excellent when it comes to protecting and balancing the Heart Chakra. Though its radiant green energy focuses on the Heart Chakra, Malachite can be used to balance all chakras throughout the body.

If you have been locked in the same old patterns that bring you the same negative vibe results, then Malachite is the crystal that you need in your life.

Malachite is widely found around the world. The Egyptians valued their mines filled with Malachite very dearly, while in the Middle Ages, Malachite was believed to protect from the “Evil Eye”.

Each crystal will be intuitively chosen for you and Reiki energized

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