Clear Quartz Sphere

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Crystal stone helps to eliminate negative energy accumulated on the body, it can also be used as an ornament in an aquarium, as a home decoration.

Even though in pop culture they are often depicted as the tools to see the future, Crystal Spheres are actually tools to provide much-needed guidance during meditation sessions. Crystal Spheres are powerful tools that can either help you focus during meditation, or heighten the frequencies that you are sending out. Because of their symmetrical shape, a crystal sphere radiates with high-frequency vibes in every direction equally, which makes it the perfect tool to keep in your home - even if you don’t meditate!

The Clear Quartz Crystal Sphere is perfect for meditations that focus on healing and manifestation. Known as the Master Healer of the crystal world, Clear Quartz radiates with serene, peaceful frequencies that can nourish you back to your natural high-frequency state.

As a manifestation tool, the clear quartz sphere is one of the best tools that you can use. Clear Quartz enhances frequencies and intentions on itself, and when powered with the symmetry of the sphere it becomes the ultimate manifestation tool.

Manifest Your Own Damn Magic With The Clear Quartz Crystal Sphere!

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