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African Bloodstone Polished Healing Crystal Gemstone Sphere

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Bloodstone is a variety of chalcedony, which simply means that the crystalline structure is so small that it cannot be seen through naked eyes. Moreover, there are two varieties of Bloodstone, one is the Heliotrope with red spots, which is the most common one, and the other is the Plasma, which is dark green with little or no spots of red in it.

This is a highly polished African Bloodstone Sphere. It is very attractive. Swirls of jades and deep forest greens in a paisley pattern bring joy and deep comfort to a heart chakra in need of healing energy. The colors are a great mix of light and dark green with traces of magenta and red. Please note: Because it is from Africa, this Bloodstone differs from the usual Bloodstone that we have.

Bloodstone - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths
Bloodstone or Heliotrope is a variant of gemstone that is dark green or bluish green in color with red speckles over it, which looks like droplets of blood. Due to these red speckles, Heliotrope is also referred to as Bloodstone.


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