Jasper Orgone Resin Pyramid - Root Chakra

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Handcrafted with special care, filled with a set of red jasper, clear quartz, and resin crystals, each of them connecting to your Root Chakra and opening it, the Red Jasper Orgone Pyramid truly is a magnificent addition to your home or office. As the red jasper awakes to stabilize and grounding energy and connects with your Root Chakra the clear quartz amplifies the energy signature the Red Jasper Orgone Pyramid sent out, ultimately connecting with the Earth itself.

The Red Jasper Orgone Pyramid lets the Universal Life Force flow through the very core of your being which will lead to improvement in all aspects of your life. You will be calmer, balanced in harmony with your body mind, and spirit.

Excellent for your home because it will help you improve your sleep and even better to bring it to work because the Red Jasper Orgone Pyramid offers strong protection against negative vibes.

Orgonite pyramids are energy generators that amplify intention energy and neutralize disruptive environmental energies. This neutralization brings forth kindness, happiness, and renewed hope. The orgonite strengthens the properties of the stones contained within the pyramid.

Material: Clear Quartz Crystal.
Type: Orgone Pyramid
Weight: .40 pounds
Width: 1.25 inches

Each crystal will be intuitively chosen for you and Reiki energized.

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