7 Chakras Orgone Pyramid

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Orgone Pyramids represent a natural source of Universal Life Force. If you are looking to lead a more balanced life, then there is no better companion than this Orgone Pyramid! A pyramid is a source of attracting the highest cosmic energy.

Handcrafted with special care, filled with a set of crystals, each of them connecting to your chakras and opening them, it truly is a magnificent addition to your home or office. Embedded with a spiral copper at the front of the Orgone Pyramid which helps to bring the energy upward, allowing energy to flow through each crystal and each chakra of your body.

By connecting with each chakra, individually and as a whole, the Orgone Pyramid lets the Universal Life Force flow through the very core of your being which will lead to improvement in all aspects of your life. You will be more joyful, happier and most importantly filled with such vitality that will help you seize every day!

Excellent for your home because it will help you improve your sleep and even better to bring it to work because the Orgone Pyramid cleanses negative energy.

Allow the Universal Life Force flow through you with the Orgone Pyramid and cleanse you, filling you with never ending joy!

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