Cleansing Crystal Journey Reiki Charged Herbal Votive Candle

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The Cleansing Votive Candle is specifically handcrafted with a specific intention to help you cleanse yourself and your home. Feel as the joy rises in you with each lighting of the candle and each cleansing ritual!

Sometimes, negative vibes lurk around you. Sometimes you limit yourself because of fear. But with the help of the Crystal Journey Cleansing Votive Candle, you can kiss the negative vibes goodbye! It’s time to create your own damn magic on a new, clean slate.

Made in New England with a special set of essential oils: White Sage, White Thyme, White Birch and Hyssop Oils the Cleansing Votive Candle becomes a powerful tool in reinvigorating yourself by purging all the negative vibes.

This mix of essential oils is then added to a highly refined wax so pure that is considered food grade along with a wick constructed of cotton and paper. The Crystal Journey Cleansing Votive Candle, as pure as it can be, set with the intention of cleansing is the perfect tool to help you ward off any unwanted vibes.

Reinvigorate yourself through cleansing with the Crystal Journey Cleansing Votive Candle!

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