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Murray & Lanman Florida Water Soap – “Purify Your Essence with Every Wash”

Introducing the Murray & Lanman Florida Water Soap, a 3.3 oz bar that promises to not just cleanse but also rejuvenate your spirit. Infused with the same fragrant blend of citrus and floral scents as the iconic Florida Water Cologne, this soap is perfect for those who wish to start their day with an uplifting and purifying bathing experience.

Product Description:

• A 3.3 oz (93.5 grams) bar of luxurious soap enriched with the legendary fragrance of Murray & Lanman Florida Water.
• Crafted for a rich lather that not only cleanses but also leaves the skin feeling soft and scented with a harmonious blend of orange blossom and lavender notes.
• Embedded with the energy of Florida Water, known for its refreshing and calming properties, making it suitable for both morning and evening rituals.


• Enhances your daily routine with a scent that’s been cherished for its soothing qualities since 1808.
• Provides a gentle cleansing experience that’s suitable for all skin types.
• The aromatic properties are believed to promote a sense of well-being and spiritual clarity.

Why Choose Murray & Lanman Florida Water Soap?

• Continues the traditional craftsmanship of Murray & Lanman products with modern skin-care benefits.
• It’s a practical way to incorporate the positive and balancing energies of Florida Water into everyday life.
• Packaged in a beautifully designed box that reflects the brand’s heritage and commitment to quality.

Transform your bath into a fountain of tranquility with Murray & Lanman Florida Water Soap. It’s not just soap; it’s a ritualistic experience that cleanses the body and elevates the soul.

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