Rose Geranium Relax Bath Salt

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Relax Bath Salt is a luxurious bath soak made with four salt varieties and rose petals. The truly soothing and relaxing blend of floral Rose Geranium and Palmarosa Essential Oils relaxes the mind and body. Epsom salt aids in calming muscles and eliminating toxins. Bathing in Dead Sea Salts encourages dermal absorption of minerals and stimulates blood circulation. Natural plant essential oils provide a safe, subtle fragrance without chemical enhancers. This Bath Salt is Handmade in Hudson Valley, NY. Comes in small batches, this bottle size is 9 oz./250 g.

NATURAL ROSE BATH SALT: This homemade bath salt is a pure natural blend of Rose Geranium and Palmarosa Essential Oils

RELAXES MIND AND BODY: These oil and rose extracts have a positive relaxing effect on the body and mind by keeping calm your muscles and eliminating toxins

HOMEMADE: A homemade product manufactured in Hudson Valley, NY

DEAD SEA SALTS: Dead sea salts enhance minerals absorption of the skin and stimulate blood circulation in your body

SAFE USAGE: Plant-based oils are safe for health and provide fragrance with no chemicals involved; use this bath salt for skincare, wellness, relaxation

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