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Wishing Spell Mix – Manifest Your Desires with Celestial Support

Elevate your wishing rituals to new heights with the Wishing Spell Mix, a carefully curated blend designed to amplify the power of your desires and intentions. Infused with the amplifying energy of Clear Quartz, this spell mix is your cosmic ally in turning dreams into reality. Perfect for those looking to infuse their wishes with a touch of magic, this blend supports your aspirations, helping to bring them to fruition through the mystical synergy of intention and natural energies.

Product Features:

  • Desire Amplification: Our Wishing Spell Mix combines herbs known for their association with manifestation, luck, and the fulfillment of desires, harmoniously paired with Clear Quartz to enhance and magnify your intentions.
  • Crystal Clarity: Clear Quartz, revered for its ability to amplify energy and thought, intensifies the focus and clarity of your wishes, ensuring they resonate deeply with the universe's abundant energies.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for dressing candles to illuminate your intentions, adding to baths as a ritual of preparation, placing on altars as a sacred offering, incorporating into mojo bags for ongoing support, or burning as incense to envelop your space in the essence of your desires.
  • Empowered Intentions: Each mix includes guidance on crafting your wishes and detailed instructions for use, providing a structured yet flexible framework for your manifestation rituals.


  • Enhanced Manifestation: Harness the combined power of specific herbs and Clear Quartz to create a potent energetic conduit for your wishes, enhancing the likelihood of their manifestation.
  • Spiritual Alignment: Engaging with the Wishing Spell Mix helps align your spiritual practice with the universe's natural abundance, fostering an environment where desires can flourish.
  • Emotional Resonance: The ritual of crafting and expressing your wishes fosters a deep emotional connection to your desires, clarifying and strengthening them in your heart and mind.
  • Creative Visualization: This spell mix encourages imaginative and vivid visualization, a key component in bringing your wishes to the physical realm.

Why Choose the Wishing Spell Mix?

For dreamers, creators, and believers in magic, the Wishing Spell Mix offers a sacred tool to assist in the manifestation of your deepest desires. With the clarity and amplification provided by Clear Quartz, and the targeted blend of manifesting herbs, this mix is designed to support your wishes in the most powerful way. Let the Wishing Spell Mix be your guide as you cast your intentions into the universe, and watch as the magic unfolds in alignment with your highest good.

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