Healing Amethyst and Lavender Harmonia Gem Spray

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Healing Amethyst and Lavender Harmonia Gem Spray - Serenity in Every Spritz

Unveil a sanctuary of peace with the Healing Amethyst and Lavender Harmonia Gem Spray. This tranquil blend is your personal retreat into a world of calm and restoration.

Volume: 148ml / 5 oz

Product Description:

Embrace the restorative embrace of amethyst and the soothing scent of lavender with our Healing Harmonia Gem Spray. Amethyst, a gemstone synonymous with healing and balance, joins forces with the calming essence of lavender to form a spray that's a balm for the soul.


  • Mist in your surroundings for an instant atmosphere of relaxation and meditation.
  • Spray around your body to cleanse your aura and promote emotional and spiritual healing.
  • Ideal for use before sleep to invite tranquility and a restful night.


  • Amethyst is celebrated for its healing properties, aiding in alleviating stress and balancing mood swings.
  • Lavender is known for its ability to calm the mind, reduce anxiety, and assist in a peaceful sleep.
  • The combination provides a perfect tool for holistic healing practices and stress relief.

Why Choose Healing?

  • Infused with genuine amethyst crystals and pure lavender essential oil.
  • Crafted to support emotional well-being and spiritual tranquility.
  • Convenient and beautifully packaged, making it a thoughtful gift or a treat for yourself.

With each spritz of the Healing Amethyst and Lavender Harmonia Gem Spray, let go of the day's burdens and step into a space where healing and peace prevail.

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