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Indulge in the pure and enchanting aroma of Green Tree Angel Love Incense Sticks. These 100% natural, hand-rolled incense sticks are made from exotic blends of herbs, gums, resins, woods, and oils that provide a smooth and long-lasting burn. Each pack contains 12 incense sticks that burn for approximately 45 to 60 minutes.

Angel Love is a magical scent that leaves a trace of lavender, creating a peaceful and calming ambiance in your home. Its sweet and fresh fragrance softens the state of mind, making it a pleasant background smell. These incense sticks are perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere during meditation, yoga, or any other spiritual practice.

The Green Tree Masala Incense Sticks are crafted with care, ensuring a smooth and long-lasting burn. They're free from any synthetic fragrances or harmful chemicals, making them safe to use for everyone. The pure green scents of Green Tree's incense are symbolic of the precious natural products discovered during world trips across different continents through all kinds of cultures and unknown corners.

Experience the soothing and relaxing effects of Angel Love with Green Tree's 100% natural hand-rolled incense sticks. The exotic blends of natural ingredients make them a unique and highly effective choice for aromatherapy. Add these incense sticks to your spiritual practice or home today and enjoy the benefits of their magical fragrance.

Incorporate the enchanting aroma of Angel Love into your daily routine, and let the calming and relaxing scent soothe your soul. With its premium quality and authenticity, Green Tree Angel Love Incense Sticks are a must-have for anyone who seeks to add some peaceful vibes to their life.

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