Block Buster 7 Day Magic Ritual Candle in Pink and Green

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Block Buster 7 Day Magic Ritual Candle in Pink and Green – Shattering Obstacles, Inviting Growth and Love

Break through barriers and open the path to personal growth and love with the Block Buster 7 Day Magic Ritual Candle. Available in the vibrant energies of pink and green, this candle is specially designed for those seeking to remove obstacles that hinder their progress in love, personal development, and prosperity. The pink candle focuses on breaking down barriers in relationships and matters of the heart, while the green candle targets financial obstacles and promotes abundance. Ideal for anyone at a crossroads or facing persistent challenges, the Block Buster candle is a powerful ally in clearing the way forward.

Product Features:

  • Dual Color Magic: Choose pink for emotional and relationship blockages or green for financial and growth-related hurdles. Each color harnesses specific energies to target different aspects of life where blockages may occur.
  • Potent Blend: Infused with a selection of herbs, oils, and essences known for their obstacle-removing properties, such as eucalyptus for clearing, rosemary for purification, and basil for wealth attraction.
  • Sustained Ritual Focus: Crafted to burn continuously over seven days, allowing for an extended period of intention-setting and manifestation, giving your desires and prayers time to take root and flourish.
  • Embellished with Symbols: Adorned with sigils and symbols associated with overcoming obstacles and achieving growth, enhancing the candle's efficacy and aligning your efforts with universal support.
  • Comprehensive Ritual Guide: Comes with detailed instructions for a Block Buster ritual, guiding you through setting your intentions, visualizing the removal of obstacles, and embracing the flow of positive changes.


  • Removes Emotional and Financial Blockages: Tailored to address the core areas of life where obstacles are most often encountered, helping to clear the path for love and prosperity.
  • Fosters Personal Growth: By eliminating barriers, this candle encourages personal development, self-improvement, and the pursuit of one's true potential.
  • Attracts Love and Abundance: Beyond removing obstacles, the candle's energy also works to attract positive relationships, emotional healing, and financial opportunities.
  • Elevates Ritual Practice: Engaging in the Block Buster ritual can deepen your spiritual practice, providing a focused, ceremonial approach to overcoming life's hurdles.

Why Choose the Block Buster 7 Day Magic Ritual Candle in Pink and Green?

The Block Buster 7 Day Magic Ritual Candle offers more than just hope in the face of challenges; it provides a practical and spiritual tool for actively removing the obstacles that stand in your way. Whether you're seeking to heal and enhance your relationships, attract financial abundance, or simply move forward on your path with greater ease, this candle serves as a beacon of light, guiding you through the darkness of uncertainty. Embrace the power of the Block Buster candle, and step into a world of possibilities, unencumbered by the past and open to the abundance and love that await.

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