Channeling Spirit with Sal Rachele

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on January 13 2021

On this week's The Magic Hour, Shereen will be talking about channeling, spirit guides, twin flames and ascension with Teacher, Mystic and Channel, Sal Rachele. His seven books on esoteric studies, the history of the universe and the development of the soul have inspired and intrigued the masses. Sal Rachele will be sharing his tips and tricks for how we can prepare for this very special time in human evolution. Are you ready to make some magic?

Show Notes:

In this episode of the Magic Hour, we’re going to talk about channeling spirit guides, twin flames with Sal Rachele.  Sal Rachele is a teacher, mystic, and author of five books, and has been a pioneer in the human potential field for over 40 years. Today, he will share with us his tips and tricks for how we can prepare for this very special time of evolution that we are currently in.


Sal’s upbringing


Sal was raised in an atheist household and was brought up in a scientific environment.


During the 70s, he had several awakening experiences. He’d gone into a silva method presentation and the graduates told him about the people in his life that he couldn’t possibly have known unless they were physically functioning. That point became the catalyst for Sal to get himself going.


Sal became aware of the beings from other star systems and the other dimensions that interact with. Then in the 80s, he started doing healings and channeling spirit guides in the 90s.



Sal uses a technique call Telepathic Transmission where he receives messages from spirit guides and his personal spirit guide named Leah. It’s not a dramatic experience for Sal, it’s much more of a sitting down with a bunch of friends at the dinner table.

First experience with the Beings


Sal’s first experience was very peaceful. His personal spirit guide whispered into his ear and reminded him of who she was and that she was going to work with Sal in his lifetime. It was no big deal but it felt deeply calming and peaceful.


By 2005, Sal had a group that he works with and a few where he’s connected with momentarily and did an unusual channeling experience.


Ensuring the information being Channeled


Sal didn’t want to corrupt the messages with his ego. He had a strong connection with his higher self and that came first. For him, a prerequisite for being a good channel is to have a good relationship with your higher self.


When Sal loses the connection to reality, he falls back into his higher self so the Higher self is taking over him and is now speaking and then the entity comes back then back to his higher self. It’s a blend of higher self and Entity.


The Higher Self


In Sal’s book, he has 12-dimensional models for the universe and that each of us is a 12 dimensional being. According to Sal, we have only activated 4 of our dimensions which are the Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Astral.


The higher self is the 6 levels beyond the level of Causal Body. Combining all the 6 levels gives you the Higher Self.


Realizing the Moment to share his Gifts


It was during Sal’s Silicon Valley days where he was sitting out on his balcony overlooking San Jose in 1976. And it was as though somebody had just taken the lid off his head and poured all this knowledge like it was a major download.



There was all this clarity and wisdom in that download that came in and there was this revealing of the future prophecy. It showed that Sal was going to be doing the things he’s doing now. He saw images of himself healing and teaching and that’s when he what his purpose was.


What Society has taught us


It takes a lot of commitment to not get sucked into the beliefs of society because we're not taught that we're powerful, creative spiritual beings. We're taught that we're little helpless human beings helpless and dependent on somebody to save us.


We're not taught to go within even though it says in the Bible that the kingdom of God is within yet people are still looking upon the cross for Jesus.


Doubting his Ability


For Sal, there are doubts about the physical level when it comes to living in an environment that can physically force you to do things. But on the mental and emotional levels, he feels like he has been clear and clean when it comes to these things. He feels like that's been that way for a long time. He feels that he's on a path and it's being orchestrated by his higher self.


Sal has trust in many of the inner levels. It's more challenging on the physical level because we're our physical body is subject to all these environmental stimuli and everything that's going on around us. It tends to attempt to distract us from our inner truth.


Sal’s Books


Life on the cutting edge is the first book Sal has written and it had a second edition because the original was outdated. His books have a lot of prophecies and a lot of the prophecy came true but some of the timetables and details were a little bit off which is inevitable in any prophecy.


The books are reading the consciousness of humanity and extrapolating out from that. The books are a collaboration between Sal and his spirit guides, the founders, which are creator Gods from the 12th level or the very highest beings that he works with.


Earth Changes and Earth Awakens are about why did humanity got to be the way that it is today or what were the steps or the stories that lead to the world as it is today. Earth changes and Earth Awakens books are a bit prophetic. They're talking about what's happened and where we're, where we've been, and where we're going as humanity.


Soul integration goes into the heart of the matter which is if you don't integrate the pieces of yourself so that you are working together, everything within you is working together for your highest good, then you tend to experience Soul fragmentation which is where you are fragmented, you're not working together, and your pieces are going every which way.  


The Real History of the Earth is where Sal goes more into depth on extraterrestrial influences that have guided humanity. In the book, it seems like we're laboratory rats that have been experimented on by various extraterrestrial groups throughout history.


The Secrets of Unlimited Energy basically explores the fact that we live in a sea of almost unlimited energy.



Sal’s feelings on 2020


This year has been a little bit of a disappointment even though he was told by his guides that three-fourths of humanity are not moving forward and probably wouldn't make it through the earth changes. Yet, it was easy for him to convince himself that things were doing better than they were.


The negative aspect would is that it brought out the tyrants in government. It's not left to the right thing. It's a tyranny versus freedom thing and it transcends the duality of politics yet so many people are caught in that duality.


The real issue is that people are depending on things from outside themselves for their well-being. The fundamental error is that you're not going within, you're not looking for the kingdom of God within and as long as people are looking to someone outside of themselves to save them, then we're gonna have these problems.


Timeline Healing


Timeline healing does not go into denial about anything. You go back to actual traumas that occurred in your past and you give healing to the self that you were during that trauma.


Some came to timeline healing and had one session and accomplished more than those years of psychotherapy. Though it doesn’t happen to everyone, for Sal, part of that is that we work on the astral authentic, causal levels, as well as the physical, emotional, and mental. Those are the subtle levels because we're working on all of these lower levels at once and it makes healing a lot more effective.



The Levels of Reality


Freewill and Predestiny or Pre determinism. There are different names for what's what makes it complicated is that there are actually three levels of reality simultaneously interacting.


When it comes to will, there are essentially three states. One is called imprisoned will, then we have free will and then we have God's will. These are the three states of consciousness that 99.9% of humanity are engaged in.


Imprisoned Will corresponds to the third density. This is where people are slaves to their belief systems and their behavior is entirely predictable because they're slaves to their belief systems.


True free will is the level of individuality. You’re letting go of the belief systems that other people have taught you and you’re finding out the truth for yourself.


The universal curriculum is part of God's will. But freewill says we can choose what to take and when we can choose to believe in separation from God or we can choose to believe we're one with God. That's free will. But God itself is beyond free will.


God's will is the fifth density consciousness and this is the level where God expresses through you to the world. You become an expression of God. Everyone else is also an expression of God and there's no separation, there's simply one being expressing through billions of bodies.


A lot of people think that you're giving up your freedom when you surrender to God's Will but you actually have more freedom. The higher dimensions are freer than the lower dimensions. Even though God's will is taking over you, there's a boundless sense of freedom.



here could be a level where everything you think is a freewill decision and was already planned out in advance but you didn't realize it. There's actually a science to back up that idea. However, in this world, it doesn't make practical sense to live from that state of consciousness.


Taking Charge of your own Life


According to Sal, people need to get out of the imprisoned will. They need to stop being products of their environment and take charge of their own lives. That's the step where most people are kind of being forced to look at right now.


People fight with their egos and they want to slay their egos. When you fight with something, you give it power and you give it more power over you when you're fighting with something. Love your ego and then learn how to discipline your ego.


The Forms of Relationship


A lot of people think they've met their twin flame, but very few actually have and it's designed that way your twin flame is designed to pull you up from these lower dimensions up into the dimensions where they are.


In this period, people meeting more soul family members which are very deep soulmate connections doesn't mean that the relationships always work out. On the human plane, sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't. But this is definitely a period where people are starting to move out of karmic relationships where you come together with someone to learn certain lessons.


The higher form of relationship is called a co-creative partnership. This is where you equal with the other person and your primary goal and coming together is to help each other grow and evolve.


The enlightened relationship is where you take full responsibility for all of your issues. You don't blame the other person or project on to the other person, you’re simply dedicated to the other person's enlightenment and to your own enlightenment.


Sal’s thoughts on 2021


It all depends on what's most important to you. Sal thinks from an economic standpoint that it's actually going to be a lot worse.


Sal says that there's probably going to be a 30 to 50% correction in the stock market. There's going to be a lot of side effects from the vaccines, conflicts between the United States and China, between Israel and Iran, Russia's economy is going to improve, the weather is going to continue to be extreme, and food shortages


Sal says that more people are going to continue to wake up and there's going to be a greater acceptance of some of the things and he’s looking forward to that.


Activities that keep Sal’s inner peace


Doing meditations and guided meditations. SaI start every day with a green smoothie, getting out into nature. He does a lot of inner work, saying affirmations to himself and he just grounds himself. He also does breathing where he is breathing deeply whenever there's a stressful situation


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